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Urgent, resonant, deadly

See it if You want to see a challenging piece of on-the-pulse theatre

Don't see it if You're a Lincoln Center regular that prefers My Fair Lady over contemporary political theatre

Also 10-minutes into the play, flanked on either side by a row of sleeping ... Read more Read less

Girls & Boys
West Village
Great acting, flawed script

See it if You want to see an incredible actress creating a gem with the material she has been given.

Don't see it if You don't like Carey Mulligan.

Also Girls and Boys is a good play. Carey Mulligan makes it great. ... Read more Read less

During previews
Fire in Dreamland
East Village
Gentle, nostalgic, quietly radical

See it if You're a real pragmatist with a hidden desire to be swept away. Fire in Dreamland steeps romance with a healthy dosage of realism.

Don't see it if You want something overtly political, don't like interesting female leads or honest portrayals of middle-age crises.

Also Fire in Dreamland is a deceptively simple play. At it's core, our prot... Read more Read less

Log Cabin
Midtown W
Empathetic, relevant, curious

See it if You are interested in dynamics dividing modern LGBTQ culture, depicted by a talented playwright

Don't see it if You don't like plays about LGBTQ people or Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

Also Log Cabin is a thought-provoking piece. I believe anybody who views it... Read more Read less

During previews
Thought provoking, challenging, exquisitely clever

See it if An intelligent play that asks the audience to think for themselves excites you.

Don't see it if You need all the answers delivered to you on a silver plate.

Also As a young woman from a low-income background, I greatly enjoyed being... Read more Read less