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During previews
Frankenstein (CSC)
East Village
Entertaining, Intelligent, Great acting, Clever

See it if Interested in a very smart version of a classic that does not remake itself with tricks, violence or special effects. Actors very effecting

Don't see it if Looking for big effects or flashy production.

Entertaining, Delightful, Funny

See it if Enjoy very well done but obvious old classic gay and drag jokes. You will probably know what you will be getting even before it starts.

Don't see it if Don’t like the obvious, or if you get no joy from very light repartee. If the word pastiche makes you groan.

During previews
Little Women
West Village
Intelligent, Ambitious, Great acting

See it if Want a somewhat new take on the principal characters of Little Women. Very clever staging, excellent use of the space, and well honed actin

Don't see it if If you prefer to keep to the text and don’t want a different take on Jo and Laurie.

Proof of Love
West Village
Thought-provoking, Masterful, Absorbing

See it if Enjoy shows where one person is able to play the entire stage and keep you engaged without tricks, gags, songs, etc - just the power of thei

Don't see it if Don’t enjoy one person shows or shows that deal with one relationship, it’s possible loss & an interesting path out of the dilemma.

Great staging, Great acting, Delightful

See it if Enjoy beautifully staged old plays that you have never seen before. The morals of the tale are right out front, well done with the original

Don't see it if You don’t want to see a play from early 20 th Century lovingly restored.

During previews
Till We Meet Again
East Village
Ambitious, Absorbing

See it if Well staged, excellent young lead.

Don't see it if If you don’t like plays where there are obvious clues to the ending.

Days to Come
Midtown W
Great acting, Great singing, Thought-provoking

See it if Interesting to see an older take on class warfare issues, the owner/worker drama, with heavy third party input. Beautiful production.

Don't see it if Serious drama, but it doesn’t lay out any answers neatly. Not light, frothy, or mindless, in case that is what you are looking for.

Also Another classic Mint production, and if you know what that means - go!

During previews
Absorbing, Ambitious, Intense

See it if If you like the Apple & Gabriel plays at the Public. Very intimate & absorbing. A modern meaningful way to do Chekhov.

Don't see it if Not a fan of intense drama in a very close up & intimate setting, there is no “fourth” wall separating the players & the audience.

During previews
Ambitious, Great acting, Great staging

See it if Intriguing dramatic shows. A version of the House of Bernarda Alba, set in New Orleans after the Louisiana Purchase. Great cast & beautifu

Don't see it if Plays about how women have to operate against adversity. An all female cast. You do need to really pay attention in order to get all the d

For a previous production
Great acting, Great staging, Thought-provoking

See it if Want to hear thoughts about various wonen’s inequality issues. Terrific ensemble, very varied

Don't see it if Since every single audience member was of the same mind, it is preaching to the choir. If you don’t want to hear about “me too”, etc.

During previews
This Flat Earth
Midtown W
Ambitious, Thought-provoking

See it if Current topic, school shootings, combined with issues of class, access to information, and the awakening of young minds.

Don't see it if Don’t enjoy dealing with very large & disturbing issues that are part of our daily life now.

During previews
Entertaining, Intelligent, Thought-provoking

See it if Israeli history & Jewish culture are interesting to you. Artful way to include violin music in drama.

Don't see it if Are thinking it will be about Mr Heifetz.

During previews
East Village
Clever, Entertaining, Great staging

See it if Enjoy plays with history presented in a new way. Want to see a new work by Micheal Weller. Charming use of entire space.

Don't see it if Only like musicals or comedies.

Great staging, Great acting, Clever, Quirky

See it if Enjoy interesting stories based on true historical events. Mark Rylance, Mark Rylance, Mark Rylance!

Don't see it if Enjoy use of modern language usage in a historical play. Don’t enjoy opera or counter tenors. Don’t likr players breaking the four wall.

20th Century Blues
Midtown W
Clever, Entertaining, Resonant

See it if If you ever thought we might be able to be post-feminist or post-global. Resonant with women of a certain age, MINE!

Don't see it if Want to see a play populated by gray haired women dancing as they did 40 years ago.

Absorbing, Great acting, Edgy, Intense

See it if Terrific acting and very exciting staging. It is a tough storyline, but poignant & I felt very swept into it.

Don't see it if Adverse to blood and hard truths shown in a very dramatic way.

Absorbing, Clever, Delightful, Enchanting, Entertaining

See it if Excellent from the first moment. Fantastic cast. Doesn’t need memory or knowledge of the classic.

Don't see it if Cannot imagine who!

Midtown W
Absorbing, Clever, Great acting, Ambitious

See it if A piece of Jewish Theater history beautifully staged

Don't see it if May be a bit difficult to follow at first

Midtown W
Edgy, Entertaining, Ambitious

See it if A novel way to raise the discussion on immigration. If you want an opening for viewers of all ages to engage. Every child in the audience

Don't see it if Feel you only want to see traditional narrative performances.

Also Stood and gave a standing ovation.

Ambitious, Entertaining, Clever

See it if Clever use of gender and race blind character use. Very good ensemble cast.

Don't see it if Don’t enjoy time warp type of shows. Changing identities are involved.

During previews
Midtown E
Confusing, Ambitious, Absorbing

See it if Open to experiencing new avenues in theater. Not like another performance I have seen!

Don't see it if Expect narrative theater, don’t want to involve yourself & you own imagination.

All Our Children
East Village
Intelligent, Great staging, Absorbing

See it if Artfully staged drama. Solid performances with a well written script.

Don't see it if Serious topic, no attempt to lighten it with any questionable levity. Not for those who do not want to revisit WWII.

State of the Union
East Village
Resonant, Great staging, Delightful

See it if Lovingly done, and although true to it’s time, it could be a current political parable.

Don't see it if You don't like a story set in the past. Also, it is somewhat longer than many contemporary plays.

Dated, Slow

See it if You are really a fan of Tennessee Williams.

Don't see it if The four women characters were very cartoonish to their types, so if it is surprising layers of character development, they are not there.

During previews
Final Follies
West Village
Clever, Great acting, Refreshing

See it if Interesting takes on a variety of settings involving sex and how we all talk to ourselves internally.

Don't see it if You don’t like to laugh as characters begin to look at themselves & what they find they are willing to do or think. They each transform.

Midtown W
Resonant, Clever, Intelligent

See it if Good job of the emotions of an adult child trying to come to terms with an aging parent with sudden issues. Enough light moments to keep it

Don't see it if Don’t want to see a show about dealing with aging parent issues & mortality. Don’t like shows that move in time.

A Blanket of Dust
Ambitious, Intense

See it if Enjoy very intense, highly political shows about events in the recent past

Don't see it if Don’t want to watch shows dealing with 9/11 aftermath in either global or personal sense.

Great staging, Refreshing, Clever

See it if A very interesting staging of a comedy classic. Loved most of the actors.

Don't see it if Tired of Shakespeare comedies!

Ambitious, Thought-provoking, Clever

See it if Very interesting connection between the issues involving Jews who migrated in response to Hilter & the opening of minds about being gay, les

Don't see it if Have trouble with songs springing up in unusual situations, or if you don’t like frivolity about issues of being anything viewed as “ other”

Great acting, Great staging, Absorbing, Riveting

See it if Following an absorbing story. Watching a character balance their old country & thru a lens of the new country.

Don't see it if Have trouble with the use of flashbacks. Are not comfortable with characters having to come face to face with events in the past.

Ambitious, Absorbing

See it if Enjoy seeing new, original drama. Interesting approach to some issues that frequently come to us via the news.

Don't see it if In the second half you could begin to project the action & arc of the piece.

The Children
Midtown W
Absorbing, Great acting, Thought-provoking

See it if You want a thought provoking show about aging, the world we have contributed to making & the consequences of these years and actions.

Don't see it if Have trouble with the humor anlaughs that may result from looking at the disasters we all have been a party to creating.

During previews
Absorbing, Clever, Great staging, Great writing, Masterful

See it if Like intelligent writing, excellent staging and a wonderful cast.

Don't see it if Can’t handle 3 acts, 3 hours and have trouble following time traveling.

Great acting, Dizzying, Great staging

See it if Very creative staging, absorbing story that unspools in a very dramatic way

Don't see it if If the title puts you off, you know it is not for you.

War Paint
Midtown W
Ambitious, Entertaining

See it if Love Patti Lupone & Christine Ebersole. A very beautifully staged cream puff of a show, colors, costumes and a piece of history in a way.

Don't see it if Looking for a memorable score.

Clever, Delightful

See it if You need an enjoyable laugh out loud night

Don't see it if Feel like something serious