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Wild Goose Dreams
East Village
Plays to See

"'Wild Goose Dreams' counters this energetic and immersive setting with a quiet, upsetting, and timely story about the chasm between the connections we dream of and the loneliness we contend with...The show demands a range of affect from its leads – Peter Kim, Michelle Krusiec, and Francis Jue – and they mostly deliver. They each delve into loneliness, love, anger, tenderness, terror, hope, and humor. But the stagecraft, under Silverman’s direction, was even more impressive." Full Review

Good Samaritans
Lower E Side
Plays to See

"My hope for the show ended almost as soon as the action started...Never in my life of theater attendance have I seen flatter, more monotonous, and less emotive delivery...The plot and its characters earned none of its claimed emotions...Why is this a musical? I never settled that question...I pitied the musicians whose talents surely outpace the show and the audience members whose $25 paid for their nap in a fully lit house." Full Review

Old New Year
Plays to See

"The story doesn’t resolve or grow much, but its characters mostly feel authentically dramatic and interesting...Can’t quite decide if it’s a way for members of the community to reckon with its own dynamics or a way to represent this community to the rest of the world...Definitely veers a little into weird-for-weirdness sake, but a redeemable amount. The various story lines are unfocused, but its characters come to life. It won’t cause epiphanies, but its characters make for enriching company." Full Review

Plays to See

"A fun, if a little unfocused, look at 21st century friendships…The whiplash involved in trying to follow the story could have been mitigated through different staging choices…Perhaps Bragen hoped the action would feel something like the tennis ball, volleying back and forth, but it didn’t work as a storytelling tool…The show ultimately lacks a climax…Still, 'DYFSAW' offers a fun evening and manages to raise questions in an interesting way without trying to serve up all the answers." Full Review