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Riveting, Thought-provoking, Masterful

See it if A classic novel brought to the stage in an era where stories of tolerance and justice are needed more than ever!

Don't see it if You cannot get up during the performance or you will be kicked out. If you can’t stay in your seat until intermission, don’t buy a ticket!

Must see, Great singing, Entertaining

See it if A lover of the Temptations - this is a bio-Musical done right!

Don't see it if You are expecting a typical plot. This show is about their lives and evolution of the group, not a big dramatic story like most shows!

Great staging, Great singing, Intense

See it if Fans of this production will be impressed! Great staging and performances from everyone involved

Don't see it if VERY LONG and not for people who aren't "into" musicals - every word is sung!

Refreshing, Funny

See it if Cute story about tolerance and wanting to feel accepted in a society where you are made to be the outcast! Great humor for theater lovers!

Don't see it if If you aren’t an LGBTQ ally, this show is not for you...

Of Mice and Men
East Village
Slow, Classic, Great acting

See it if Chris O'Dowd and James Franco giving wonderful performances as George and Lenny! Lovers of the classic John Strinbeck novel will enjoy!

Don't see it if Long first scene (~17 minutes) so don't be late - they won't let you in!

Thought-provoking, Relevant, Exquisite, Riveting

See it if With suicide and social media being hot topics at the time, this show is a must-see for parents and kids alike! Ben Platt = incredible!

Don't see it if Modern musical and subject matter - may not appeal to everyone, especially more traditional theatregoers