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The Toronto Star

"'An Act of God' takes no prisoners, pulls no punches and will provide you with an irreverent, hysterical, yet somehow provocative 90 minutes in the theatre. Joe Mantello has directed with a sleekly inventive hand; Javerbaum’s script amuses to the very last line...I would like to create an 11th commandment: Thou must see Jim Parsons in An Act of God." Full Review

Helen Lawrence
The Toronto Star

for a previous production "Sleek, stylish and entertaining...This intriguing piece of film-noir-meets-theatre promises more than it delivers and tends to confuse muddle with mystery...This is a play worth going to see, as long as you go for the right reasons...Where Haddock lets us down, however, is his plot. It’s way too complicated. If you look at all the classic noir films, they kept their cast lists small and manageable. Haddock’s dozen misfits are at least four too many. In a 90-minute show you can barely learn t... Full Review

Alligator Pie
Midtown W
The Toronto Star

for a previous production “This is one pie you’ll want a second slice of…An amazing hour of music, poetry and sheer theatrical invention…This work is credited as an ensemble creation...They all work so well together you’ll want to hug them collectively or, at least, never take your eyes off them while they’re onstage...This isn’t a kid’s show. It’s a people show. All human beings are invited and ought to attend as soon as possible.” Full Review

Spoon River
Midtown W

for a previous production "A celebration of the power of theatre, the joy of performing and the sublime art of collaboration...The way that Mike Ross’s music reaches inside our spirits and takes us to a dozen different places is an act of sheer theatrical legerdemain...Every last member of the company is brilliant...You will be hard-pressed not to levitate from your seat with sheer emotion....'Spoon River' is a once-in-a-lifetime show. See it, hear it, celebrate it." Full Review

Of Human Bondage
Midtown W
The Star

for a previous production “The long and complex novel has been brought to the stage with imagination and daring by director Albert Schultz and his gifted team of artists. Much of what they do is simply wonderful, but there are elements about it that seriously need to be addressed…It’s a mostly exhilarating journey until intermission, but the second half doesn’t quite live up to the rest…And while there are many wonderful performances from the cast, there are a few that damage things seriously." Full Review