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"While the 'Act' is reliably amusing, some jokes become predictable. Although leavened with humor, some of the anecdotes become, well, preachy. The slanted take on familiar stories and the modern sensibility make an uplifting ending seem a little overly sweet. Political leanings and cultural tastes are pretty clear and its statements on issues such as gay marriage are probably falling on the ears of the converted." Full Review

The Visit
Midtown W

"The form is fascinating, as are the central issues and the strangeness of the piece...But the book and lyrics can be blunt and redundant...despite its shortcomings, it's intriguing to see Kander and Ebb create this world, an odd dystopia where a kickline and jazz hands have their place." Full Review

Living on Love
Midtown W
New Jersey Newsroom

"'Living With Love' flies by...It's not exactly full of surprises, but the light comedic throwback is well executed by the cast and creative team. Director Kathleen Marshall has a knack for the piece's scale and the quick rhythms of its banter." Full Review

"Director Diane Paulus coaxes compelling character portrayals. But the work fails to live up to the story's promise. Sure, there are lovely sprinklings of golden fairy dust and actors who take flight. But the music and lyrics by Gary Barlow and Eliot Kennedy too often lean towards syrupy ballads riddled with clichés." Full Review

"Surreal collisions of song, dance and visual art capture the desires of young expats and Parisians to create something beautiful as they rediscover their city in the aftermath of World War II...It feels like two shows. One is a great ballet, the other an uneven musical...the book can be heavy-handed...These spoken scenes often give way to appealingly sung classics, but it's when dance is involved that the show truly takes off." Full Review

"The pattery, operetta-tinged score is far from Loewe's melodic best, and while Lerner's lyrics are clever, they sometimes undermine sincere moments...But there's still something winsome about Gigi and her world. There's never much doubt as to how the story will end, but for a romantic comedy - a recent audience squealed at a marriage proposal - that's not such a problem." Full Review

The Audience
Midtown W

"Morgan's well-written take on Elizabeth's weekly 'audiences' with her prime ministers mostly avoids the risk of being an episodic trek through history...Daldry's elegant staging and Crowley's sets and costumes make a visually compelling play out of a plot that tends to involve two people seated, talking." Full Review

Airline Highway
Midtown W

"D'Amour's writing unsparingly, unabashedly gets at fundamental aspects of the human condition. There are patches of the drama that drag when everyone talks over one another. But this feels realistic and uncovers something about each character's desire to connect – however scarred they may be – over bonds they've formed and broken in the past...Director Joe Mantello creates a detailed world, with nuanced performances from an ensemble cast." Full Review

Dr. Zhivago
Midtown W

"'Doctor Zhivago' is an earnest romance with an epic, operatic scope. With a concise book, eloquent lyrics and heartfelt music the story is given estimable treatment. Des McAnuff directs a thoughtful production. Yet in encompassing so much plot and philosophy so economically, the characters can sometimes feel oversimplified." Full Review

"A sumptuous production...Sher's vision subtly augments tradition...This remains a production in which all aspects have been satisfyingly thought out, and a work that stands the test of time." Full Review

"The new musical 'It Shoulda Been You' takes the wedding day setup that fuels so many romantic comedies, but offers a twist that livens up the proceedings...The characters are often overly familiar and the sentiment wishes the musical felt more consistently original." Full Review

"So much must be explained that the play can feel too close to a timeline, with much of its first act spent dealing with exposition...'Part Two: Bring Up the Bodies' is far more successful in portraying the political intrigue and its multifaceted characters." Full Review

Midtown W

"In the thought-provoking, insightful "Skylight" - now on Broadway in a West End transfer starring Carey Mulligan and Bill Nighy - playwright David Hare explores the way we forge our experiences into the stories we tell about ourselves, and how those narratives can break down or blossom when exposed to another point of view." Full Review

Fish in the Dark
Midtown W

"Director Anna D. Shapiro expertly draws out the antic aspects of the piece, and the supporting cast is well chosen. But David's writing style is not particularly well-suited to the stage, and the comedy lacks the dramatic propulsion and tight plotting that the best episodes of the HBO series had. "Fish in the Dark" has its winning moments. But the play still feels less like a fully realized, fresh, satisfying stage work than an opportunity for fans to watch a celebrity they adore in a famili... Full Review