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West Village
Theatre is Easy

"Absurdly compelling writing-wise, performance-wise, design-wise, and idea-wise…The aspect of the writing for which I commend George the most is her ability to create humanity in assassins, to show us depictions of real, sympathetic human beings…What is equally frustrating and exactly perfect about 'Holden' is that it does not try to simplify or bluntly state its point; it knows it is dealing with complicated ideas, and it seems almost to take pleasure in complicating them even more." Full Review

Theatre is Easy

"I honestly could not tell you what 'Sex, Cynicism, and Other Small Miracles' is about, other than general themes like disillusionment, disenchantment, social critique…and sex, cynicism, and other small miracles. But I can tell you that I enjoyed every step of the way, and if you like fresh, clever writing full of little zingers with about a three-second understanding delay, then rush to see this well-crafted patchwork of wordplay." Full Review

Theatre is Easy

"These actors are most certainly no longer children, and yet their physicality and vocal choices are very successful in creating the environment of a dangerous children’s battleground...There are a few moments in which the writing and direction can use tightening: monologues roll on too long, motivation is sometimes unclear, and individual relationships have the tendency to be a little muddy. However, the story moves in ways that are unexpected." Full Review

East Village
Theatre is Easy

"Struggles—and sometimes succeeds—in finding relevancy nearly 60 years later...Despite the problematic Golden Age-style writing and the less-than-consistent dialect work, there are a few performances that stick with you...All in all, this is a thoughtful and effective production of material that may feel dated in 2016. And it is certainly a visually and musically lovely piece of theater—the singing is close to flawless, the choreography works perfectly, and Moss creates striking stage pictures." Full Review

Theatre is Easy

"The recounting of their moving stories is incredibly relevant to conversations about gender that are happening today. These stories can and should be told...Ultimately, 'Inheritance' could use a little more time and fine-tuning to reach its full communicative potential...Putting that aside, however, Wanamaker tells her family’s stories movingly, and in so doing she opens our minds to questions about the present female predicament." Full Review

Theatre is Easy

"Burns’ witty and creative portrayal of his journey through foster care in Central California is a refreshing surprise, and—what is more—a hilarious, sincere, and very relevant exposé of a system that does not get much attention in the musical theatre world...His performance is never one-note, and neither are his methods of relaying information. Though Burns’ work does need a bit of fine-tuning...all in all, Burns is onto something good." Full Review