New York City

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Reviews (7)
Great staging, Great writing, Clever, Absorbing

See it if So great to see the issues facing ND get some stage time.

Don't see it if You don't care about the ABUSE big oil inflicts on small communities rich in oil.

Slow, Intense, Great acting, Absorbing

See it if You want a top notch prison drama.

Don't see it if You want a show that shows rather than tells. We hear about the past as opposed to seeing things.

Thought-provoking, Slow, Relevant, Intelligent, Great acting

See it if You want to get several (17 to be exact) perspectives on the idea of crossing borders.

Don't see it if You don't like one person shows. This one felt more like a lecture at times than a play

Great writing, Great staging, Entertaining, Great acting, Exquisite

See it if You love great music and terrific writing.

Don't see it if You're not interested in civil rights issues.

Great singing, Funny, Exquisite, Absorbing

See it if the best!!!

Don't see it if Kinda not a good reason not to. A moving heartfelt musical!

Refreshing, Great writing, Funny, Entertaining, Clever

See it if You want to be really entertained by a show with no agenda that seeks to shed light on the music industry from the inside.

Don't see it if You don't like small theatres. I was in the front row and at times, inches from the actors.

Indulgent, Excruciating, Disappointing, Edgy

See it if You want a one person show tell all that opens up about the worst moment in their life.

Don't see it if Child pornography makes you cringe. The show was relentless and made my skin itch.