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Letters from the Mezzanine

for a previous production "The medium is successful at contacting Poe...But what follows doesn’t ever manage to raise the stakes for any drama to unfold...At its best, 'The Cooping Theory' is an homage to Poe’s writing and a meditation on the grief mirrored in his life and his works...But the story never develops fully to make us invested in the society’s mission. Their plot feels doomed from the start. What the production does do well is set a melancholic, though inviting atmosphere." Full Review

Held Momentarily
Midtown W
Letters from the Mezzanine

for a previous production "This show was an emotional ride through what it’s like to be an up-and-coming adult in the city, full of insider jokes and unique relationships. The characters are deceptively simple tropes at first but demonstrate their individuality well. Some of the plot points are a bit unbelievable, and a birth in a subway seems like a forced way to create a climax; this musical could have worked better with an untraditional narrative." Full Review

East Village
Letters from the Mezzanine

for a previous production “Levy is such a dynamic performer...’Hoaxocaust’ is thoughtful, witty, and accessible. Its discussion of Jewish culture and of how these factors play out in Levy’s family life is incredibly focused, nuanced, and darkly comic. But what’s even more fascinating than Levy’s adventures in Holocaust denial land is his subversive commentary on storytelling, truth, and lies...The ending of the show pulls the rug out from under the audience’s feet.” Full Review