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Midtown W
Exeunt Magazine

"Davies’s arresting examination of campus rape culture as reported by the media...Director Tony Speciale steers a superb cast into a moral danger zone where factual truth and emotional truth don’t quite square…Even without Jocelyn Kuritsky’s virtuosity in the role, Davies has written the type of female lead of intelligence and startling dimension that our American stages need…A rigorously crafted production in powerful pursuit of a national conversation." Full Review

New York Theatre Review

"Performance artist Cynthia Hopkins treats you to a blissful night of blurred genres in 'The Alcoholic Movie Musical!' at The Bushwick Starr. A meta-musical on the struggles of making art and exiting a drinking problem, Hopkins’ failed attempts become comedic confessions when reenacted and embellished live...All projections (as clever as they are) pale in comparison to Hopkins and Sugg in real-time, both wholesome and hilarious in their disarming allure." Full Review

Nice Girl
West Village
New York Theatre Review

"'Nice Girl' offers a tidy (if somewhat predictable) plot, but O’Donnell’s skilled direction exacts momentum, depth, and comic relief from a strong cast. Ross’ writing burns brightest during mother-daughter scenes...Jo wants rebirth, and 'Nice Girl' exposes her first brave step toward independence – openness." Full Review

Ten Ways on a Gun
East Village
New York Theatre Review

"The ensemble gels well together – uniformly sharp, comically dark, and at times outrageous, especially during blitzkrieg choreography. Yet due to the level of implausible camp, when the play strives for serious sentiment, insincerity often results…While the piece as a whole endures a scattered focus, Squeaky Bicycle’s collective creativity demonstrates something undeniably bold and ambitious.” Full Review

Poor Sailor
New York Theatre Review

"The piece dips in and out of rowdy vaudeville, unison dance, startling quietude, and epistles, but you hang on with pleasure. You might not understand exactly what transpires, but you welcome the delirium, because it is precise, engaging, and, well, gorgeous...Only a few times do you feel a little overstuffed, where meaning has meandered a bit too far from grasp. Overall, though, Tugboat Collective has hatched a winning, big-hearted show full of poetic invention." Full Review

New York Theatre Review

"The show is sensational. 7 Daughters of Eve Thtr. & Perf. Co. gives us a game-changing group helmed by a resident magician. Maybe, like me, you leave the theater without words to describe your otherworldly evening. You came for entertainment and leave in meditation. It may take a while for the show’s lovely logic to develop in the darkroom of your mind." Full Review