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80’s sci-fi high school musical tugs at the need to belong ... c-c-c-c’mon

See it if Congrats on a Broadway transfer from last season; Sci-fi quirky nerdy musical

Don't see it if High voltage sound to keep up with the “enthusiasm “ of it’s teen fan base. I’m all for loyal Fan’s, but not when it distracts from the...

Also ... experience. This may be a huge reason why it’s repelling some audi... Read more Read less

During previews
Debate over the notebook or love actually as the best all time chick flicks... real life is not a romcom

See it if four girlfriends support each other with a little help from their favorite chick flicks (and wine). Pleasant, lighthearted...

Don't see it if needs to turn the dial up a bit on the lyrics and book!

During previews
Do you ever really know who your neighbors are? would you recognize them as superheroes? could they save you if needed?

See it if teenage boy and his mom are trying to find their way after their father/husband dies; superheroes appear in different ways. Original musical

Don't see it if still in previews, book needs to be tightened up, but it’s worth checking out; two “11 o’clock numbers” at end need reworking

Also ... I’m very curious to see if Tom Kitt and John Logan make any change... Read more Read less

During previews
Something is stirring... not a day goes by, old friends ;-)

See it if Go if you love Sondheim, even when it’s not his best show, the score is still classic.

Don't see it if While Sondheim prefers actors who can sing, this just feels like bad dinner theater... Better singers please!!

Also ... I will always love the music to this show ... and maybe, just mayb... Read more Read less

Is this considered fake news?! they’re mad as hell and not going to take it any more!

See it if Yes, it’s true, Bryan Cranston is captivating on stage! Let’s see who else is “mad as hell”

Don't see it if bold, brash, explosive, edgy, dizzying, in your face

... come on babe, why don’t we paint the town... and all that jazz!!

See it if over 20 years ago, this revival opened with perfect casting... one of my favorite Broadway experiences.

Don't see it if thank you to the original creatives Kander, Ebb & Fosse; OBRC: Bebe Neuwirth, Ann Reinking, Joel Grey, James Naughton!

Also I would love to travel back in time to see Gwen Verdon and Chita River... Read more Read less

During previews
Coming of age story in a boy’s prep school

See it if a cappella prep school choir falls out of harmony amidst homophobia and racism; talented ensemble lead by Jeremy Pope

Don't see it if homophobia, racial slurs, tasteful nudity, friendship, leadership...

Also ... normally I wouldn’t mention the tasteful nudity (of gorgeous bodie... Read more Read less

“two people swaying slowly, nothing more and nothing less, why anybody fears that is anyone’s guess ...”

See it if the thought of an inclusive prom in small town Indiana has the PTA revolting against a girl who wants to dance with her girlfriend

Don't see it if Just GO!! it’s zany, campy, energetic, fabulous fun... reminds us there is room for everyone!

Also Boy were they having fun on that stage!! Clever lyrics, good book, enj... Read more Read less

It’s truly a great depression...

See it if a man owns a boarding house on the verge of bankruptcy and makes some desperate choices for his family...

Don't see it if tone is unnecessarily depressing; the book doesn’t allow you to care for the characters; songs don’t compliment the storyline. Disappointed

Gloria’s story will teach you some history about the women’s movement

See it if the importance of looking back in order to move forward... you will decide how far we’ve come, how much work is left;theatrical biography

Don't see it if touches on: controversies and painful personal attacks (assuming she slept her way to top, ruined family values); bra burnings...

Also .... safe abortions, equal pay, sexual harassment.... Read more Read less

A mother supports her daughter who believes she is having holy visions ...

See it if what a treat to watch Glenn Close perform in that small space; study and enjoy every emotion gesture thought reaction she delivers!

Don't see it if Glenn Close makes this script much more engaging than it actually is...

1969, war-time... only scratches the surface of activism ... what are they trying to fight for...

See it if a revolutionary “collective” is formed with 5 young adults trying to end the Vietnam War...

Don't see it if ...but somehow I quickly lost interest in their “Days of Rage” demonstration. The RAGE feels forced, needs more urgency or something...

During previews
About a man who has “lost a lot of friends to kids”

See it if Mike’s personal journey with his couch, wife, doctor and his unborn child. Mike is a funny, low key storyteller.

Don't see it if It’s not a play, but I needed a laugh, and got many! Seriously funny moments describing his sleep contraption and unnecessary ball surgery

Also Often when a Broadway theater has a lull before loading in their next ... Read more Read less

During previews
Bashert = a yiddish word that means "destiny"... do nice guys finish last... or finish first?

See it if In a case of mistaken identity, what would you do if you received a mysterious check for $56K with your name on it? Cash it?!!

Don't see it if It’s charming and funny... lots a stereotypical characters that might easily remind you of someone you know, but felt one note ...

During previews
What happens when a part of you smashes into a bunch of pieces

See it if Elaine May will shatter your heart with her honest, vulnerable and brave performance of aging with Alzheimer’s

Don't see it if without having first hand experience, you might not truly understand; emotions of frustration, fear, sadness and laughter are common

Also How does your personal life impact your appreciation of this play?!... Read more Read less

Don’t take a nap, it’s funny

See it if go for the sharp banter between characters and ridiculous one-liners; grifters target a talented man’s pride and integrity.

Don't see it if admit it, if you had problems with the British accents, this probably isn’t the first time you’ve had this problem?!

Also Although it’s by the same playwright who wrote One Man Two Guvnors whi... Read more Read less

Wouldn’t it be loverly, if we could’ve danced all night?

See it if Many of Lerner & Loewe’s most recognizable songs are sprinkled through the show

Don't see it if I love classic musical theater but this show sadly underwhelmed me, my least favorite revival that I’ve seen in a long time.

Also Lauren Ambrose is a fabulous actress with a beautiful voice, but she d... Read more Read less

Nerds be yourself or take a chill pill and enjoy the ride ... can you control the voices in your head?

See it if tugs at insecurities we felt in high school; fabulous cast; fun high school characters

Don't see it if this sci-fi, pop-culture musical takes it a little too far in parts of the second act but overall a great show; congrats BROADWAY BOUND!

Also Will Rowland, went from supporting nerdy-man in DEH to leading nerdy-m... Read more Read less

Redheads fighting for survival in a world overrun with blondes and brunettes

See it if could redheads be extinct by 2100 leaving a world filled with blondes and brunettes... not if they can spread the word to procreate!

Don't see it if there’s a lot of hard work happening on that stage! funny moments;some good songs highlight vocal talents... deserves more development

Learning about moments in history can be uncomfortable...

See it if Based on true events: sexual slavery by Imperial Japanese Army in WW2 of young Korean girls/women

Don't see it if musical theater can spotlight serious/dark subject matter, but if you don’t agree, than this isn’t for you. worth future development

Also This review is for the current production at PH August 2018 not for 20... Read more Read less

“if you could choose to be any race you want, any race at all … what race would you be?”

See it if some might consider it a provocative perspective of race and racial assumptions; I love theater that provokes discussions.

Don't see it if you don’t like being challenged to... THINK!

Also Don’t be concerned about some of the reviews that say you might feel u... Read more Read less

During previews
They say the neon lights are bright, off broadway...

See it if Leiber and Stoller’s 50-60’s blues and rock n roll hits are endless in this musical revue.

Don't see it if In 90 minutes, this show feels over stuffed with music; but there are many highlights that will keep your toes tappin’

Also Thanks to a run at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Maine which received posi... Read more Read less

“the world isn’t changing fast enough. who cares if they understand?”

See it if Jordan Harrison’s tone feels more commercial than his other work; pushes discussions of defining one’s identity/acceptance.

Don't see it if Privilege, normalcy, racism, narrow-minded vs progressive views, marriage, parenthood; debates important topics within LGBTQ community.

Is it better to be feared or loved?

See it if Sensational performance by Carey Mulligan; every word and move wonderfully executed.

Don't see it if Some men just aren’t ok with women who seem to have it all.

Also You can feel the audience hold their breath as she unveils the dark si... Read more Read less

Some people love paradise... others cannot wait to escape!

See it if wonderful ensemble cast brings Dominique Morisseau‘s characters more depth; great performances!

Don't see it if “He just wanna be mighty but the world keep him small. the cost of being colored and gifted Brilliant and second class. Make you insane.”

Also Part of Dominique Morisseau’s Detroit trilogy, we meet her characters ... Read more Read less

“how do you leave childhood behind... love and loss and how to get by in a crazy world...”

See it if Through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole... find out what’s at stake when you run out of time in wonderland

Don't see it if starts to sound repetitious, but there are some great songs; go for great voices, choreography, sets. Bring us more queen, less puss

Also Alice tries to buy her dying friend more time between the fantasy worl... Read more Read less

Daidle deedle daidle daidle daidle deedle daidle dumb ... the story of tevye the dairyman in yiddish

See it if a golden musical classic, from the original creative team Bock, Harnick, Stein and Robbins. Timeless! Authentic!

Don't see it if there’s no good reason not to see it, even if you’ve seen other productions and feel like you’ve had your fill of this MUSICAL TRADITION

Also ... Tradition, If I were a Rich Man, Sunrise Sunset, Matchmaker and ma... Read more Read less

During previews
Is hollywood glamour worth the stereotypes you have to play to pave the way?

See it if 40 years after her break out role, a black actress feels trapped by the character she portrayed on screen... fabulous cast!

Don't see it if time jumps 40 years ahead in 2nd act and gives an interesting point of view; in previews 2nd act doesn’t feel polished (stumble with lines)

These drag queen boots are made for walking... and that’s just what they’ll do ... and maybe save a shoe factory too!

See it if A great vehicle for Cyndi Lauper and Harvey Fierstein ‘s first musical theater collaboration; Billy Porter was electric as my Lola!

Don't see it if I’m so happy for this show’s success, but not one of my personal favorites. I’m still glad I saw it.

Maybe we should take a break from high school musicals... “as if” ... that’s “way harsh”

See it if the movie was adorable... the musical needs a “makeover”.

Don't see it if 90s soundtrack with new lyrics that are forced in to fit the characters and storyline; many of the well known movie lines fell flat...

Also ... the movie lines in Mean Girls worked, it didn’t in Clueless. It wa... Read more Read less

“you want to be a part of my life... i’m not editing out the parts you don’t like!”

See it if there have been several wonderful LGBTQ revivals lately, this is no exception; loved Urie and Ruehl.

Don't see it if I loved Urie, but wish I also saw Fierstein in the original! 1970s drag queen mirrors parts of Fierstein’s life, it does feel a little dated

There’s no business, like show business, unless it’s monkey business

See it if there’s a 2000 pound gorilla in the room that will no doubt impress you, but did it need to be a musical?

Don't see it if music and book should be scrapped; they should just focus on the puppetry, animatronics and video projections...

Also The Broadway Theater is a perfect venue for spectacles that have a hel... Read more Read less

A story told in four part harmony...

See it if barbershop quartet enters an amateur contest after they fall short trying to raise money on the Coney Island boardwalk, turn of 20th century

Don't see it if you think barbershop inspired harmonies are old fashioned;the cast of four play multiple characters, many work, but several could be trimmed

Find out what lurks “downstairs “...

See it if I went to watch Tyne and Tim Daly on stage!

Don't see it if emotional abuse, loneliness, mental illness, odd family history, unemployment... it’s also about the true bond between siblings.

For a previous production
This is literally about a play that goes wrong (sets, props, actors, lines, sound cues, etc.)

See it if a funny British farce filled with a lot of perfectly timed, spoken and physical slapstick; Duran Duran fans will appreciate it!

Don't see it if a bit repetitive, but you won’t be able to stop smiling (or laughing)

American son = same for every race?

See it if A mother, father and two cops (two are black, two are white)... all referencing the same 18 year old black boy we never see.

Don't see it if some writing/ acting/ directing flaws; focus on the importance of the discussion (and changes) it can lead to...

Also how would you process being the face of a race in mostly white school?... Read more Read less

“step, kick, kick, leap, kick, touch…again!”...

See it if “I hope I get it”... a grueling audition; dancers are slowly eliminated until the perfect combination forms that glorious kick line

Don't see it if if you are allergic to Gold Lamé? But seriously, Encores annual gala is always a highlight for me each season.

Also A Chorus Line opened in 1975 and was once the longest running show on ... Read more Read less

During previews
Political satire from the past still feels pertinent today...

See it if Esparza and entire cast thrill in Brecht’s political satire. CSC continues to challenge their audience.

Don't see it if Although the subject didn’t appeal to me, the delivery and Doyle’s direction definitely kept me engaged.

Also Written in the 40s and still relevant today... Read more Read less

What’s your big picture, in a life of ordinary days...

See it if Life in NYC is fast paced, but four New Yorkers experience unexpected connections that make a big impact in their lives.

Don't see it if I enjoy supporting off broadway musicals some need a lot more development, but this one is in great shape already; go and enjoy.

Also How does something small make a big impact in someone else’s life?... Read more Read less

“let your love shape the world...” / shares a perspective of gay life and homophobia in the mid/late 1960s nyc

See it if Heart broken by ghosts of his past, Trevor tells his version of this love story; most of the story takes place before Stonewall riots

Don't see it if Music is pleasant but sleepy... needs more variety

Also It’s an enjoyable evening but I’m surprised by how many reviewers have... Read more Read less

During previews
Boy dates the wrong girl... obsesses over the ex-girl... and ignores the right girl.

See it if a 30 something man receives an invite to his ex-girlfriend’s wedding and desperately wants to find someone special to bring as his guest!

Don't see it if a sweet and funny musical with a very talented cast needs a little more... something... but go and support the development of new musicals

During previews
What is a penumbra? the rights guaranteed by implication in a constitution or the implied powers of a rule. the original and literal meaning of penumbra is "a space of partial illumination between the perfect shadow … on all sides and the full light"

See it if a gifted story teller who helps you understand Amendement 14 through personal stories (which she wasn’t able to do as a young debater).

Don't see it if Political, feminism, equal rights, covert resistance, immigration, domestic abuse, rape, birth contol, Patrick Swayze, and sock monkeys.

Also would you compare the constitution to a crucible or patchwork quilt??... Read more Read less

During previews
As women, are we limited by the way the world sees us or doesn’t see us?

See it if Provocative humor, unapologetic from this all female fabulous cast. What seems to be so different about these women also makes them similar.

Don't see it if As I was tapping my foot listening to music about pussy before the show began, I knew this would be an interesting play!

Also The entire cast is fabulous! ... Read more Read less

Musical with sitcom-like jersey jokes, on steroids; “perfect beaches and snow-capped hills / it’s like new york but you can pay your bills”

See it if high school buddies reunite and unexpectedly get a “do over” in life; funny, entertaining, lots of Jersey jokes!!

Don't see it if Yes, it pokes fun at NJ stereotypes... it may not be a ground breaking show, but it’s worth picking up a discount ticket.

The dark side of the disco ball...

See it if The glamour and controversy surrounding the nightlife at Studio 54 sounds like a great concept, but this needs a better book, lyrics, music

Don't see it if DISCO is absent in this show; needs more development. (p.s. How many words rhyme with clarinet?)

They certainly have “the beat”

See it if A campy and fun mash up between the Go-Go’s music and 16th century Arcadia. It totally works! Bravo to the creative team for this “marriage”

Don't see it if Don’t want another juke box.. I’m happy it’s not about the Go-Go’s

Also Admittedly I’m not often the best target audience for juke box musical... Read more Read less

Richard the 3rd, teenage edition

See it if Shakespeare’s Richard III reimagined> a high school brainiac is bullied because he is different;

Don't see it if I loved the first 2/3 of the play, but it derails as it moves into its eerie dark scenes.

Also I especially loved Richard’s speeches which bounces between his inner ... Read more Read less

They’re working hard for their money!! toot, toot heyyyyy, beep, beep!

See it if You want to embrace the disco diva inside you; music still undeniably fabulous! music that will make you want to sing along (please, don’t).

Don't see it if Talented cast, especially LaChanze and Ariana, sound amazing but Donna Summer deserves revisions! There is so much material about Donna...

Also ... but the book writer didn’t honor her triumphs and tragedies in the... Read more Read less

During previews
Carmen sizzles... she’s a “man eater”

See it if Anika Noni Rose seduces with smouldering moves and a voice that won’t quit; entire ensemble is wonderful!

Don't see it if The staging of the storyline in the last 20-25 minutes feels a little jumbled; in previews so maybe they will iron out abrupt ending.

Also Originated from Bizet’s opera Carmen; a beautiful blend of opera/music... Read more Read less

Princesses, a snowman, a reindeer... and a colorful cast of characters will entertain you!

See it if although I'm not a die hard Disney fan this show melted my heart; Patti Murin is delightful.

Don't see it if Disney loves broadway... definitely entertaining, but I worry that one day they will occupy every theater in NYC.

Also I’m guessing Patti and Cassie split the Tony votes... maybe the produc... Read more Read less