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Spoolie Girl
Midtown W

"Standout performances of course begin with Broadway veteran Elizabeth Ward Land, who plays Aunt Darla. Land has the strongest vocals of the cast, and expectedly so...The rest of the music is fun and catchy, and I was humming along with a few of the rock anthems by the end of the show. Lilley, who plays Spoolie Girl, also had a beautiful voice, although sometimes it got swallowed up by the ensemble and the accompaniment." Full Review

The Eleventh Hour

“The first half of the musical was fun, and there are extremely catchy songs throughout that I'm still singing in my head the next day. However, despite all of the positive elements, the show is still bogged down with too many fantastical characters and unfinished plot points. The second half can do for some serious editing...A fun, campy night out, for people of all ages. It is the type of show that doesn't take itself too seriously, so I recommend you do the same." Full Review

Stage Buddy

“An intimate portrait of two friends at the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic...The lights come up on a single chair onstage, and the quiet, reserved Jody appears. Played by Burton...he is instantly likable...The character of Carl, played by McGrath, captures hearts...The final scene is the most heartfelt of all...The contrast in the men's characters is still there, but it has done a complete 180...Leaving questions hanging and not a dry eye in the house.” Full Review

Popcorn Falls
Midtown W

"The most entertaining, and awe-inspiring, parts of this play were during the 'play practice' where Souhrada takes on all of his roles...These scenes are when Souhrada's genius shows through the most...The rest of the plot is pretty straightforward...For a directorial debut, Christian Borle took on a beast. This play required expert direction to be executed properly, and Borle rose to the occasion...'Popcorn Falls' has all of the components required for a hit." Full Review


“This is a play that I needed a night to sleep on before I could fully process what I had seen. The two acts, at first, seemed to be disconnected...’Meaningful Conversation’ is raw and real. It depicts a snapshot of life like I've never seen on stage. It shows intimate relationships between pairs of people, and how they react differently to situations. By the end...I felt like I had made new friends in these characters. I'd climb down my fire escape to hang out with them any day.” Full Review