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Best Life

for a previous production "It feels as if she’s covering well-trodden ground, but upbeat, well-written songs and a winning stage presence keep the show surfing a wave of good spirits...Broadbent is a winsome, winning presence, greeting the problems she addresses with a cheery smile. She occasionally lapses into perky musical theatre insincerity but is always warm and engaging. So even if she’s not moving the needle of comedy, she offers a dependable hour’s amusement." Full Review


for a previous production "A show that’s got a strong, artistic core, but stumbles badly whenever Randy veers off that path...You’d hope a show about telling a story has a good one at its core, and Randy has a cracker. This almost human lump of foam is, as always, expertly manipulated by McIvor...But in terms of content, this hour still seems patchy, with Randy sometimes getting too pretentious or climbing aboard hobbyhorse alongside the more compelling and sometimes hilarious segments." Full Review


for a previous production "To improvise alone, spinning off a multi-character narrative from the merest tics requires both technical mastery and the leap of faith in your abilities not to think about any of that to impulsively work in the moment. That Conti achieves this so apparently effortlessly, generating uncomplicated laughs from a complicated set-up, is a triumph...There’s a peculiarly half-hearted ending...But when she’s masterminding mayhem, the show’s a joy." Full Review


for a previous production "Her enthusiasm for a better world has always been infectious. Her passion is her superpower, convincing audiences a nicer world is possible. But now that the heart of the nation has been revealed as ‘rotten to the core,’ the size of the task overwhelms her. That vulnerability makes 'Something Better' one of the more personal of her political shows…While her side is beaten and down, despair is a luxury that can’t be indulged...If you need motivation into taking that action, Long’s your woman." Full Review


for a previous production "Few manage to combine laughs, emotional heft and compelling stories in quite such a classy way as this quietly captivating American…'Career Suicide' is more than a collection of candidly funny stories from the dark moments of his life, leavened by larger-than-life personalities...Serious threads that run through the hour tie together in important messages that avoid the pitfall of mawkishness simply by being true, while adding to the rich and satisfying narrative structure." Full Review

Midtown E

for a previous production "Thomas makes the abstract personal with this engrossing tale of betrayal...'Cuckooed' is a straight monologue, carried entirely by Thomas’s brilliant ability to bring every story to vivid life, while making political points and vocalising his conflicting feelings about the treachery...Maybe this show will give him some sort of closure. It certainly gives the audience plenty of food for thought, once they’ve finished laughing." Full Review