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Midtown W
Edge New York

“The dialogue veers uneasily between realistic rough-and-tumble banter that disguises feelings behind its bluntness, and elegiac riffs. Rather than playing down the disconnect, the direction emphasizes it…Allowing New York audiences a (literal) front-row seat allows the dilemma these people face to sink in...If 'Sweat' is the imperfect vehicle to portray their angst, at least their angst is being portrayed in some way on Broadway." Full Review

Nathan the Wise
East Village
Edge New York

"'Nathan the Wise' is a rollicking tall tale, full of crazy coincidences, lost and found children, and mistaken identity...Heading the cast in a fantastic performance is F. Murray Abraham...He tones down the (kosher) ham here but lets 'er rip when necessary in a climactic scene. But the entire cast shines...Not only is nothing of importance lost in this freewheeling adaptation, but much is gained in audience engagement, especially given Brian Kulick's innovative and fast-moving direction." Full Review

Edge New York

"Unfortunately, the evening doesn't quite work, because the pacing is badly off. The snippets of shows go on too long, like an 'SNL' sketch that makes you channel surf. Between the scenes, there's endless bitchy banter between the intrepid sisters who founded the arts center...The whole magic of a Basil Twist show are the puppets, to which the real, live humans should be secondary, instead of the other way around. During most of the sketches, I felt like shouting, 'Where are the damn puppets?'" Full Review

Edge New York

"Everyone is going to have his or her favorite moment in My Big Gay Italian Wedding, the insanely funny and fun confection playing in a church basement on Restaurant Row. The mixture of the sacred and profane, the ultra-serious and ultra-silly makes this the perfect play to see on a humid summer night." Full Review

Lower E Side
Edge New York

"There are only three actors on board the entire time. This often means the playwright has limited the scope of his drama; although 'Deconstruction' manages to construct at least two full realized characters, it runs true to form...Arendt herself comes across as rather banal...I hope Leaf plays with his play, because there's definitely something here. Maybe a little self-deconstructing of his own might workshop this into a meatier meal about three powerhouse thinkers." Full Review

Snow White
West Village
Edge New York

"This sexed-up version of the fairy tale falls flat. What was inventive, funny and subversive the first time around [in the company's 'Nutracker Rouge'] came across as flat, reductive and way too much like the first, without any redemptive additions...One of the major problems with this production is that there is so much 'business' going on, it is hard to discern the outlines of the plot from here to there." Full Review

Nutcracker Rouge
Edge New York

for a previous production "It’s a sexy, silly, thrilling and very, very enjoyable mash-up of baroque, ballet and burlesque, pas de deus and pole dancing. Above all, it’s entertaining...The tiniest smidgeon of context would have transformed the wonderful performances into something greater than themselves...If all of this sounds like too much, it is. But then again, so is the 'Nutcracker.'" Full Review