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The Wee Review

for a previous production “The dynamic relationship between Lewis and Glen is at the heart of ‘Love Song to Lavender Menace’...They riff off each other and indulge themselves in nostalgia and over the top performance as they recount tales of love, dancing, and activism...Ley has crafted a script filled with humour, character, and spirit and it is his words that empahasise the aforementioned dynamism between the two performers...’Lavender Menace’ is a standout.” Full Review

The Wee Review

for a previous production "The show is definitely original...Any great graphic novel will make use of space, perspective, lighting, and shadow. 'Flight' does all these things and the style is majestic and fanciful...The storytelling is masterful with the words, music and sounds being delivered directly into your ears. This creates an intimate and engrossing atmosphere that heightens the drama and at moments can leave you feeling breathless and thoroughly engaged...A unique and original experience." Full Review

Midtown E
TV Bomb

for a previous production "'Cuckooed' is more than just comedy theatre. It is thought-provoking storytelling that holds the audience’s attention with aggression and passion...It is an emotional journey that Thomas takes us on and this makes 'Cuckooed' a powerful and important story to tell." Full Review

Kafka And Son
The Wee Review

for a previous production “Throughout the performance Nashman plays the role of Kafka and also his father. The performer jumps between the two with verve and menace…The evocative set design combines perfectly with the lighting design and the anxiety that Kafka expresses is heightened to a new level. During 'Kafka and Son’ we see the inspiration behind some of Kafka’s novels. The relationship he had with his father shaped his work and Nashman has presented this complex relationship with style and menace." Full Review

Ghost Quartet
East Village
The Wee Review

for a previous production “A thoroughly enjoyable musical theatre performance that captivates and entertains…The musicianship on display is magnificent and majestic…At times the story does get a little bit lost in all the music and buoyant disorder that is being played out on the stage…An inventive show that combines upbeat folk music and twisted storytelling with haunting and beautiful results. The story is enjoyable and the songs memorable.” Full Review