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Paste Magazine

“Still resonates powerfully…Unfortunately, Cullman’s dubious direction steers swaths of the play well off the mark. He creates a loud, hysterical environment that may have been intended to play as farce to show how artificial the world of the elite is but instead frequently flops, creating a distance between the play and the audience...Fortunately, Janney...grounds her performance and gives Ouisa enough sincerity to lend the climactic scenes...the power that Paul’s earliest scenes provided." Full Review

Who Would Be King
Midtown W
Theater Pizzazz

"Illustrates both the promise and the perils of the collective approach...While each section is intriguing and often entertaining on its own, they do not connect at all; the play sags in the middle despite the energetic performance of the five-person cast, and any sense of intent gets muddled...While artistic director Jason Slavick directed the play, it feels here like no one was willing to demand more of the writing...The tragedy at the end, while compelling to watch, feels muted emotionally." Full Review

Theater Pizzazz

"'Providence' contains plenty of theater magic, using a minimal set and few props and just three characters...Douglass has a flair for soliloquy aided by a keen eye for the details of everyday life...The writing is enhanced, however, by a truly mesmerizing performance from Lori Elizabeth Parquet as Dora...Douglass’ comedy is so entertaining it isn’t until afterward that you realize it is a tragedy about America in its present chaos. That’s theater magic." Full Review

Paste Magazine

for a previous production "It relies a bit more on cheap laughs than character-based humor that can generate deeper, longer and more satisfying laughs...Despite its few missteps, anyone who enjoys farce will be smiling, chuckling or laughing the entire evening...It is not 'Hamlet' and it may not even be 'Noises Off,' but we live in troubled times and sometimes two hours of well-constructed silliness is more than enough." Full Review

Theater Pizzazz

"Somewhere inside Stephen Adly Guirgis’ 'The Last Days of Judas Iscariot' is a compelling play about love and betrayal, guilt and redemption...'Judas Iscariot' will stick in the memory for all the wrong reasons– the uneven performances, the unsuccessful shifts in tone and the sheer endlessness...Esteemed director Estelle Parsons did not try to persuade Guirgis to revisit the script...The play is set in Purgatory but it’s the audience that feels stuck there." Full Review

Life According to Saki
East Village
Theater Pizzazz

"There’s plenty to admire: imaginative directing, spirited acting, a mesmerizing Bunraku puppet, an anachronistic dig at our new president and moments of wit and pathos...'Saki' is an evening of moments, unable to sustain itself...'Saki' simply overestimates both the framing device and the power these short stories have when translated to the stage...The stories about life back home in England are meant to contrast with the life in the trenches but that is never fully developed." Full Review