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Steel Magnolias
Parlor games.

See it if a dialogue-driven comedy with an all-female cast--and even a few tears, particularly at the end--is something you'd enjoy.

Don't see it if talky, single-set plays turn you off.

Also It's a big day at Truvy Jones' hair salon: regular customer Shelby Eat... Read more Read less

Hamlet, condensed.

See it if streamlined versions of Shakespeare's plays appeal to you.

Don't see it if you're a purist who believes that the most famous play ever written should never be cut in half.

Also Coming in at a mere two hours--which makes everything quite a bit easi... Read more Read less

Midtown W
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's an absolute charmer.

See it if you like fun musicals that tug at the heartstrings.

Don't see it if a teen-led show with a sci-fi vibe--not to mention a deeply troubled mother/son relationship--would turn you off.

Also Simon is a shy teenager with a passion for reading and drawing comic b... Read more Read less

Worth a visit.

See it if you like sweet, melodic musicals with something to say.

Don't see it if tender little musicals that lack pizzazz are not for you.

Also An Egyptian band arrives unannounced in a sleepy Israeli town--it had ... Read more Read less

From zero to hero.

See it if you like tuneful musical comedies about losers-turned-winners.

Don't see it if a show about a nebbishy New Yorker would probably turn you off.

Also His apartment's been burglarized, he can't get a date (on Valentine's ... Read more Read less

Wickedest Woman
Upper W Side
Wicked good.

See it if you like intelligent, thought-provoking dramas with a feminist slant.

Don't see it if a pro-abortion play would turn you off.

Also A biographical drama about one of the first female abortionists in the... Read more Read less

Gloria: A Life
Life of an icon.

See it if you like biographical dramas.

Don't see it if you think that contemporary American history--and feminist history--are subjects best taught in the classroom.

Also Equal parts biography, history lesson, and inspirational, true-life dr... Read more Read less

Painful memories.

See it if you like one-man shows.

Don't see it if you think most one-man shows--even well-acted ones--are real snoozefests.

Also Life's biggest questions are asked, but not necessarily answered, in W... Read more Read less

Hamlet: An Experience
Hamlet, with a gimmick.

See it if you like Shakespeare--especially "Hamlet".

Don't see it if audience participation Shakespeare isn't your cup of Elizabethan tea.

Also The production begins--if this lean, one-woman "Hamlet" can even be ca... Read more Read less

King Kong (NYC)
Midtown W
Great look, so-so book.

See it if you prefer a little spectacle with your shows...and you've always wondered what "King Kong" would look like on stage.

Don't see it if you think a musical should have a well-written script...not to mention memorable music and (at the very least) a semi-believable storyline.

Also Kudos to director Drew McOnie for taking on this daunting project in t... Read more Read less

Simply divine.

See it if you like backstage dramas, with a dollop of comedy thrown in.

Don't see it if Shakespeare bores you--or if plays about actors and directors and writers turn you off.

Also Janet McTeer is a veritable force of nature in Theresa Rebeck's new pl... Read more Read less

For diehards only.

See it if you love Tennessee Williams, and everything--absolutely everything--he wrote.

Don't see it if long, talky plays (it's nearly two hours, without an intermission) generally have you eyeing the exits.

Also In this Austin Pendleton-directed production of "A Lovely Sunday for C... Read more Read less

Days to Come
Midtown W
Days of rage.

See it if you like Lillian Hellman--and you want to know what she wrote after "The Children's Hour."

Don't see it if talky plays turn you off.

Also The Midwestern home of a 1930s factory owner whose workers have gone o... Read more Read less

Oh, what a night.

See it if you like musical comedies--and Shakespeare.

Don't see it if you think a musical re-telling of a Shakespearean classic is going a bit too far.

Also Dozens of folks, young and old, crowd the stage of the Delacorte Theat... Read more Read less

Carmen Jones
East Village

See it if you like high drama, great singing, and tragic love stories.

Don't see it if a grim tale with a tearful finale might leave you feeling a little...depressed.

Also A streamlined version of the Georges Bizet opera "Carmen"--in its firs... Read more Read less

During previews
True love a-go-go.

See it if you think you might enjoy a musical comedy with a pop soundtrack and LGBTQ sensibility.

Don't see it if bizarre characters and absurd plot twists turn you off--and you're not a fan of the Go-Go's.

Also An uneven blend of silly comedy, colorful costumes, pseudo-Shakespeare... Read more Read less

Midtown W
Fathers and daughters.

See it if you like comedies that tickle the funny bone even as they touch the heart.

Don't see it if talky plays, however funny they may be, turn you off.

Also One of those absurdly talented playwrights who could wring laughs out ... Read more Read less

The evil that men do.

See it if you like Shakespeare, especially his tragedies.

Don't see it if Shakespeare--whether it's one of his tragedies, comedies, or anything else--just isn't your thing.

Also "Othello" is perhaps the leanest and meanest of all of Shakespeare's w... Read more Read less

Charm to spare...and touching, too.

See it if you like your musicals short, meaningful, and spectacle-free.

Don't see it if you would prefer a little more pizzazz for your money--and Jewish humor, laden with Yiddishisms, isn't quite your style.

Also "A Letter to Harvey Milk" follows the emotional journey of Harry Weinb... Read more Read less

Upper W Side
Powder keg.

See it if you like your dramas gritty and topical.

Don't see it if a serious look at one of the biggest problems plaguing our society today would probably turn you off.

Also "Pipeline"--the title refers to the school-to-prison pipeline that lea... Read more Read less

Love story.

See it if you like dance-heavy musicals that feature no singing, at all.

Don't see it if a score without lyrics, even a swooningly romantic score like this one, may leave you feeling a little cheated.

Also What do Henry James, John Kander, and Susan Stroman have in common? Th... Read more Read less

A gazillion smiles.

See it if you have kids...or you're a kid at heart.

Don't see it if you think most children's shows aren't sophisticated enough.

Also In this case, the term "children's show" is a bit of a misnomer. Sure,... Read more Read less


See it if the earlier versions of "Children"--on stage and film--appealed to you, or if you are a part of, or have an interest in, the deaf community.

Don't see it if you're expecting fireworks--which, for the most part, this production sorely lacks.

Also A Tony and Olivier Award-winner from the early '80s, Mark Medoff's rom... Read more Read less

Midtown W
A factory town in crisis, and friendships in jeopardy.

See it if you think a politically relevant drama set in Trump's America is something you could sink your teeth into.

Don't see it if three hours of small-town, blue-collar grit and gristle wouldn't be to your taste.

Also "Sweat" won its author, Lynn Nottage, her second Pulitzer Prize for Dr... Read more Read less

Midtown W
More fun than a ball of yarn.

See it if dance-centric musicals--featuring plenty of spectacle and one iconic show tune after another--make you purr like a newborn kitten.

Don't see it if you prefer substance over fluff, and you believe that even a hit show like "Cats", which premiered in 1981, has nothing left to offer.

Also The first time I saw "Cats" was decades ago, and--if memory serves--I ... Read more Read less

Red State Blue State
West Village
Fate of the union.

See it if you like politically-charged stand-up comedy.

Don't see it if you think that with all the talking heads and comics taking potshots at Washington already, we don't need another.

Also Comedian and former SNLer Colin Quinn is fed up with the State of the ... Read more Read less

The White Devil
West Village
Revenge is sweet.

See it if you like flowery language, high drama...and buckets of blood.

Don't see it if labyrinthian plots featuring lots of high-sounding characters don't appeal to you.

Also Heightened language, bombastic speeches, over-the-top acting, prolonge... Read more Read less

Sibling rivalry.

See it if you like small cast, single-set, confrontational dramas.

Don't see it if raised voices and heightened drama--even with a dollop of comedy thrown in--generally turn you off.

Also Austin is a struggling Hollywood screenwriter hard at work on his next... Read more Read less

Sweet dreams.

See it if you like fluffy musical comedies.

Don't see it if old-fashioned musicals aren't your thing.

Also The prince needs a bride--and the young lady who comes calling doesn't... Read more Read less

Big chance at the big dance.

See it if you like spirited musicals with positive messages.

Don't see it if big, family-friendly shows with laugh-a-minute dialogue turn you off.

Also Enormously entertaining and consistently funny, "The Prom" stars Brook... Read more Read less

During previews
Stand up and cheer.

See it if you like sensitively-acted (and directed) dramas.

Don't see it if you're not in the mood for another LGBTQ-oriented play.

Also Jeremy Pope stars as Pharus in Tarell Alvin McCraney's "Choir Boy", a ... Read more Read less

Carrie and friends, revisited.

See it if you like solo comedy shows--and you still miss Carrie and the gang.

Don't see it if the original series was never your thing--and solo shows don't do much for you, either.

Also TV hit "Sex and the City" gets the parody treatment in this ninety-min... Read more Read less

A trip worth taking.

See it if you like well-written, character-driven comedy-dramas.

Don't see it if you prefer a little more plot with your plays.

Also A comedy-drama about a blue-collar Chicago couple and their two kids--... Read more Read less

The power of love.

See it if you think you would enjoy an exciting (and often poignant) folk tale, replete with raging storms, angry gods, and doe-eyed lovers.

Don't see it if magical stories featuring gods and goddesses might be a little too "theatrical" for you.

Also A bubbling brew of song, dance, and storytelling, "Once On This Island... Read more Read less

Flawed, but entertaining.

See it if classic musicals--re-imagined by bold and daring directors--are your thing.

Don't see it if when it comes to the classics, you think it's better to leave well enough alone.

Also The wind doesn't come sweeping down the plain in this latest revival o... Read more Read less


See it if you like jukebox musicals that are all about the music--and nothing else.

Don't see it if you're not particularly fond of musicals that don't have a storyline--or you're not a fan of the Lieber/Stoller songbook in the first place.

Also From the opening number, "Neighborhood" (which is reprised twice) to t... Read more Read less

The True
Midtown W
Never a false note.

See it if a dip into the cesspool of American politics--1970s style--might just be your thing.

Don't see it if you think four-letter words belong in the locker room, or in the movies--but not onstage.

Also Edie Falco shines as a tough and tough-talking political operative in ... Read more Read less

Nautical nonsense.

See it if you like big, silly musicals--and you're a Spongebob fan.

Don't see it if you think that even kid-friendly musical comedies should be a little more "grown-up."

Also The end is coming! The end is coming!... Read more Read less

Attend the tale.

See it if you're a "Sweeney Todd" fan--or a fan of Stephen Sondheim's work in general.

Don't see it if immersive theatre turns you off--and you're not particularly fond of Grand Guignol-style drama, either.

Also I'm no fan of immersive theatre, but this ingeniously scaled-down vers... Read more Read less

Wonders, indeed.

See it if you like magic.

Don't see it if the little kid inside you died years ago, and ever since then you've been a curmudgeonly old cynic.

Also Few forms of entertainment are as family-friendly as magic shows, and ... Read more Read less

Oh, the suffering.

See it if you're ever in the mood for a broad comedy about religion, and religious zealots.

Don't see it if you're among those who believe that broad comedies should include some...well...comedy.

Also Based on a 14th century memoir that is reportedly the first autobiogra... Read more Read less

Desperate Measures
Midtown W
How the west was fun.

See it if you like your musical comedies broad... and your Shakespearean spoofs even broader.

Don't see it if you think that even the silliest comedy needs at least a little depth.

Also "Desperate Measures" is part Wild West send-up, and part Shakespearean... Read more Read less

Midtown W
Deep thinkers.

See it if you like a little intellectual stimulation with your entertainment.

Don't see it if Stoppard's hyper-articulate style makes your head spin.

Also Art. Politics. Capitalism. War. The Russian Revolution. Lenin. Literat... Read more Read less

Paradise Blue
Midtown W
Requiem for a jazz club.

See it if you like powerful dramas about the African-American experience.

Don't see it if talky plays, confined mostly to a single set, leave you wanting more.

Also Following her excellent "Pipleline", Dominique Morisseau brings us the... Read more Read less

Strings attached.

See it if you're in the mood for stand-up comedy with a twist.

Don't see it if you would rather not be "talked" to for an hour-and-a-half by a big, purple, bug-eyed puppet.

Also This is, indeed, a stand-up act with a twist: the comic himself spends... Read more Read less

Scheming and conniving in the old south.

See it if you like plot-driven plays with meaty dialogue and fully fleshed-out characters.

Don't see it if three-hour dramas that are long on conversation and short on action usually test your patience.

Also Lillian Hellman's modern classic about greed and betrayal in turn-of-t... Read more Read less

Significant Other
Midtown W
Millennial angst, with laughs.

See it if you like laugh-filled comedies with engaging characters...and a serious side, to boot.

Don't see it if a story about an unattached millennial wallowing in self-pity isn't quite your "thing".

Also In spite of its plot--gay, single Jordan, watching all his girlfriends... Read more Read less

Me and My Girl
Midtown W
A rom-com lover's dream--with music.

See it if you like old-fashioned musical comedies with a little romance, lots of laughs...and the always entertaining Christian Borle.

Don't see it if you think most romantic comedies are just plain corny--and bad puns are even cornier.

Also Borle ("Peter and the Starcatcher", "Something Rotten", TV's "Smash") ... Read more Read less

Broken hearts and shattered dreams.

See it if Southern Gothic heartbreakers, Tennessee Williams-style, are your idea of theatre at its best.

Don't see it if you find Williams' dramas, with their simmering passions and unfulfilled lust, more than a little overwrought.

Also Set on a bare white stage that is, with the exception of a few straigh... Read more Read less

The Children
Midtown W
A peek into the future, and a glimpse into our souls.

See it if you think that three characters with conflicting agendas, hiding secrets from the audience and each other, is a recipe for suspense.

Don't see it if "domestic dramas"--even this one, with its 21st century, end-of-the-world vibe--lack the kind of theatricality and spectacle you prefer.

Also The entire action of the play takes place in a kitchen--a small one wi... Read more Read less