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Preview d12
During previews
Graphic, Great set, Overwrought, Provocative, Compelling

See it if Jeremy O. Harris is angry. His play pulls from Greek tragedy & modern themes. Lots of male nudity & strong acting.

Don't see it if Too many themes, too much histrionics & too long but you probably will want to have seen this production.

Preview swal1
Sturridge is stirring, gyllenhaal more controlled, Pair of one-act tragedies duel it out

See it if Two fine actors perform monologues in two sad stories of loss. Love & heartbreak well acted.

Don't see it if Too large a performance space for these intimate plays. Also, topics & protagonists are too similar so little more is revealed in 2nd piece.

Preview ww3
Entertaining, Romance inside morality play, Appealing cast

See it if Even when one does good works, ethics are compromised & one has to deal with that knowledge. Strong actors, in particular Sriram.

Don't see it if A little bit preachy but clever & quick enough to hold audience attention.

Preview vera stark 800x1200
During previews
Needs editing, Well acted, Ambitious, Fist of steel in velvet glove

See it if Powerfully entertaining story of black actress’s 1930’s experience. Slightly hysterical writing/schizophrenic in point of view

Don't see it if First act is far too long & even misleading as to where story resolves so stay for second even if you are baffled or irritated.

Preview gatz
Great writing, Creative interpretation, Ambitious, Practically perfect theater

See it if Immersion in one of the great American novels, charmingly related, innovatively staged. A long time to sit but so well paced.

Don't see it if This is an 8 hour production. One or two of the actors are not quite up to the ability of the others.

Preview tdod3
During previews
Intense, Great staging, Canny, Mordant

See it if Funny bitter look at a terrible marriage. Think Scandinavian 19th century “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” or “War Between the Roses”

Don't see it if You don’t want to believe love and hate can coexist between a long-married couple married

Preview trick or treat
Angst-y, Great set, Entertaining

See it if Family history & issues are spun as different members unwillingly share information. Sort of refreshing/sort of diabolical.

Don't see it if If you're not comfortable with lots of high volume anger, this is not for you.

Preview ssart
During previews
A bit cliched, Creaky construction, Poignant, Well acted

See it if Convincing family drama about finding one’s way back and forgiveness.

Don't see it if Accessible but not deep, more of a polished student effort. Feels very personal (which isn’t a criticism).

Preview labute new theater festival off broadway show tickets 176 111618
During previews
Accessible, Provocative, Resonant, Great acting, Best labute in a while

See it if Thoughtful one act plays where individuals try to make peace with inner demons & with the world. Ruminative but not as bitter as past plays

Don't see it if Two are monologues. Be forewarned: one topic is who writes history using Hitler as prism.

Preview choirboy
During previews
Nicely staged, Remarkably talented young cast

See it if Decent coming of age story set in boys’ church-based private school with wonderful a capella singing.

Don't see it if Themes are predictable if heartfelt and some lines are mumbled but the musical numbers are terrific.

Preview hello girls poster  copy
Drags a bit in second act, Great staging, Great talent, Fresh, Entertaining

See it if Women telephone operators in WW1- who knew? Interesting topic presented by winning cast who act, sing & dance while playing instruments.

Don't see it if You’ll like it so watch for its next staging. A little long, 2nd act music not on par with 1st, but that’s just nitpicking.

Preview fabulation
Slightly dated, Intelligent, Entertaining

See it if A dose of reality hits Undine -how she deals with it forms arc of play. A measuring of upward/downward mobility told with insight & humor.

Don't see it if Image of black, middle class urban life, slightly cliche, slightly dated.

Preview tkam 06 07 show score 800x1200
During previews
Obvious, Nice staging, Intense, More aaron sorkin than harper lee

See it if If Aaron Sorkin wrote his own play I wouldn;t carp, but to eviscerate the charm, however wrong the fact of rampant racism, of Lee’s story to

Don't see it if ...serve as un-nuanced reflection on today’s world, is a mistake. Like being at a well-crafted play designed for junior high students.

Preview cih
During previews
Lacks depth, Clever songs, Cute, Work in progress

See it if A clever enough sendup of the Christmas season with plenty of irreverence & scatalogical language.

Don't see it if Don’t expect a compelling story - cartoonish characters, little relatable emotion. But there are lots of laughs & is still previewing.

Preview nou carousel 1.png  960x480 q85 crop upscale
During previews
Resonant, Slow start, Multi-topical, Thought-provoking, Absorbing

See it if A story of the issues of emigration & the values one holds onto mixed into a consideration of A Doll’s House. Who one is vs. who one was.

Don't see it if Lots of themes can be confusing & some plot points telegraphed early on, but a strong feminine voice. Acting/accents a bit uneven,

Preview hard problem
During previews
Fine acting, A bit too clever, Absorbing, Intelligent

See it if You want to have a great topic for your next dinner party. You go to Stoppard plays for the ideas: egotism v. altruism. Well-played.

Don't see it if Once you have the concept, the play goes on a little too long. Frenzied staging detracts from measured acting. Serious but not stodgy.

Preview bdwy232
Cool set, Relevant topics unsatisfyingly explored, Uneven, Intense

See it if Three hander exploring racism, homophobia & general suspicion of the different among us but also incorporating every urban woe.

Don't see it if Characters confuse own points of view & sometimes shout over each other. Play’s intent somewhat unfocused & not original.

Preview es1
During previews
Relevant, Well acted, Uneven, unfocused, Thoughtful

See it if Explores topic of passive & obvious forms of racism through experiences of three family members.

Don't see it if If play had stayed focused on the family”s need to act as though their world was fair & their reactions to the actual, it would be stronger

Preview capture
Relevant, Fluffy, Entertaining, Very funny

See it if An entertaining evisceration of the modern angst over portraying the real Thanksgiving in a grade school play. Talented cast.

Don't see it if The real damage done minority culture gets lost in silliness but the play speaks some truth and is great fun.

Preview pain
During previews
Raw humor, Joky & painful, Way meta, Quirky

See it if A 65 minute monologue on memories & pain told by a character who can’t decide if it’s important enough to examine. Odd, sly. Well performed.

Don't see it if Our protagonist doesn’t care if you like him & many did not. Performance piece rather than play. Would morph depending on who acts in it.

Preview 800x1200  1
Ambitious, Shallow, Intelligent

See it if Attempt at revisiting 60’s protest era gets the details right but not the heart. But happy to see a young audience & they loved it.

Don't see it if If you want the truth of that movement you won’t find it here. Shrill acting, shallow characterizations. Plot reveal is contrived.

Preview travis
Real tension, Intense acting, Well-paced, Quality dialogue, Powerful

See it if A conundrum on power in a Texas town in the 60’s. Riveting Brian D. Coats. See in tandem with “American Son.”

Don't see it if a reworking of a story too often repeated in race relations is not for you. Fills two hours with some challenging dialogue.

Preview goodbody poster  copy
During previews
Fun to watch, Intense, Quirky

See it if A violent & funny denouement of the aftermath of a possible crime. Intriguing & edgy.

Don't see it if Actual and implied violence occur along with plenty of crude language. Could use a bit of editing but characters are oddly compelling.

Preview ame p113 300x450
During previews
2nd day preview, Provocative, Great writing, Powerful

See it if Who gets to establish the rules in American society? If a play could rectify wrongs, life would be fair. It isn’t & this play examines how..

Don't see it if ...everyone and/or no one is complicit. Maybe a bit cliche, but also plenty to ruminate on. Good acting.

Preview gloria 800x1200  1
During previews
Gloria steinem bio/drama, Interesting multimedia staging, Relevant

See it if A walk down memory lane with exhortations to keep up action somehow evinces disappointment rather than power. Includes audience talk circle.

Don't see it if If Gloria Steinem is not someone you respect, you may be irritated. Show is kept fresh with up to date topics.

Preview s20
During previews
Obvious, Cliched, Talented cast

See it if Pleasant production about a teen & his mother missing his father, his emotional need for a superhero & the one he finds.

Don't see it if Unfortunate, thin characterizations, banal lyrics & changes of range that do not improve the melodies keep this musical from being memorable

Preview 180109 mcc tl general 800x1200
Thought-provoking, Relevant, Excellent acting, Great intentions, Powerful topics

See it if Intense two-hander evolves from romance to drama in tightly plotted 70 minutes. Achingly sensitive as lovers try to understand each other.

Don't see it if Very emotive and well done, but occasionally the messages, important as they are, overwhelm the interplay between actors.

Preview eddie2
Indulgent, Moderately clever, Lovingly conceived

See it if A cross gender affectionate paean to a dramatic talented hair band.

Don't see it if The drama never rises to anything authentic. Is it played for laughs or pathos?

Preview shadow1
During previews
Taut drama/human comedy, Great writing, Great acting, Run to see it

See it if Classic Irish theater, remarkably well-observed characterizations, every human emotion & historical, too in under 2 hours.

Don't see it if All the actors have Irish accents but the language is so lyrical that a few missed words hardly matter.

Preview capture
During previews
Cliched, Disappointing, Overwrought, Dramatic

See it if Carnal, blistering adaptation of Miss Julie. Lots of symbolism.

Don't see it if Heavy-handed, melodramatic interpretation hampered by unintelligible and/or hit-or-miss accents. To be fair, some of the audience loved it.

Preview waverly
Truthful, Thoughtful, Wonderful acting, Tender

See it if A poignant, honest look at a family dealing with the scourge of senility with love, dignity & humor and the most perfect cast anywhere.

Don't see it if Not everyone likes drama to contain such realistic issues, but the play encompasses all the emotions a family feels. My favorite Lonergan.

Preview intelligence800x1200 title
Great acting, Smartly observed, Intense, Absorbing

See it if Story of difficult diplomacy involving women protagonists replete with ambition, role playing & modern realities.

Don't see it if Serious stuff. Drags a bit midway, then picks up pace for satisfying resolution.

Preview redstatesnip
During previews
Uneven, Insightful, Relevant, Funny

See it if Entertaining take on today's sorry political divide. Week-paced.

Don't see it if Sharp start but needs more teeth on second half.

Preview m9
During previews
Beautiful classical music, Bifurcated music/drama not always successful, Ambitious

See it if A not always successful combination of Toscanini’s struggle against fascism/with love punctuated by interludes of gorgeous music played by

Don't see it if ...six remarkable musicians. If you don’t like classical music you won’t enjoy. Music is more compelling than drama but different & moving

Preview blue ridge
During previews
Entertaining, Intense, Strong themes & acting, Lots of potential

See it if A plot set in a halfway house, where redemption can mean getting back to outside life or working through the underlying issues.

Don't see it if Still in need of editing & some pivotal characters are not yet fully realized. Somewhat cynical use of feminism.

Preview bitter
Indulgent, Intelligent, Absorbing

See it if The stresses of transition from college to working life interest you, particularly how social relationships morph as situations change.

Don't see it if This effort’s millennial focus is applicable to other life changes but may seem too self-conscious. Good script, a bit overacted.

Preview ts9
Great staging, Entertaining, Wonderful michael urie, Still poignant

See it if Heartwarming portrayal of love & heartbreak set in NYC’s gay lifestyle of 1971-1980. Every line is milked for a range of emotions.

Don't see it if 2 tiny caveats: wish Michael Urie did less Harvey Fierstein & more himself (but is still great) & Jack DiFalco is now too old for role

Preview ap showscore 800x1200
Middlebrow, Good acting, Creaky, contrived

See it if ...dysfunctional family where mother gets the blame is interesting. Stockard Channing is, as always, very good.

Don't see it if Maybe you haven’t seen this particular play, but you have seen this dynamic before. Several superfluous characters add little to action.

Preview lc2
Clever staging, Two related but separate plays, Great writing, Heartbreaking

See it if Honest treatment dealing with disappointment - in plans, in dreams, in belief structure - for young individuals & perhaps for America.

Don't see it if Lewiston is a bit hollow, although Connor character is compelling. Clarkston’s tension, with excellent performances, is palpable.

Preview wgd2
Occasionally cloying musical styling, Compelling topic, Fresh, Great staging

See it if Loneliness takes on depth when applied to particular situations in the two Koreas. Small stories almost overwhelmed by intricate staging.

Don't see it if The Tory is a drama wrapped in glistening technology. Remember that at denouement. Also, be aware some of the technology & music is loud.

Preview acl1
Delightful, Iconic, but dare i say dated

See it if A joyous, if rueful, story of Broadway gypsy’s hopes & dreams, as they climb or descend or hang onto their aspirations of fulfillment.

Don't see it if It’s the same show you saw 40 years ago, so nostalgic, some dialogue no longer shocks, some singing shrill but the audience was thrilled.

Preview ns1
During previews
Well acted, Cleverly constructed, Thought-provoking, Relevant

See it if A strong solo performance running through all emotions & packing quite a punch. What may seem like rambling isn’t..

Don't see it if A play that unfolds slowly, bit by bit, & is a solo performance is not your taste.

Preview ug1
During previews
Devastating, Relevant, Great acting, Great dialogue, Sharp

See it if Well constructed story of the chipping away of a young woman’s identity through minor, major &/or personal incidents. Brave portrayal.

Don't see it if There is frank talk & some action around sex, race, nudity & other inappropriate social behaviors, telling a very personal journey.

Preview tttwt1
Meditative, Moving, Intense, Absorbing

See it if A modern memory piece of overlapping losses, told from 5 characters points of view. Overtones of Our Town.

Don't see it if Confusing time lines. You have to stay focused, but with capable staging & actors, you will.

Preview good grief 800x1200
Intelligently charming, Nicely crafted, Semi autobiographical, Great acting

See it if Title says it all: a memory piece that is fluid & supple & honest. How we each deal with pain. Strong cast; Quinlan outstanding.

Don't see it if Timeline may be confusing. Otherwise real & emotional appreciation/exploration on personal, accessible scale. If there’s a talkback, stay!

Preview ferryman poster
During previews
Interesting treatment, A bit overrated, Great set, Wonderful staging

See it if An intimate look at a family torn during the Irish troubles. Lots of stage action & plenty to watch, understandable Irish accents.

Don't see it if Advance notice made this out to be the best drama all season but it’s a story we’ve seen before writ large, adding polish not substance.

Preview motm1
During previews
Could have been interesting take on historical icon, Uneven acting, Banal, Middling

See it if Attempt to humanize Joan of Arc through retelling of story through her mother’s eyes. Starry actors.

Don't see it if Somehow this script or the acting trivializes rather than humanizes, painting in sweeping pastiche rather than individualized anguish.

Preview ipa
During previews
Uneven acting, Nice staging, Lots of potential, Ambitious

See it if A story of misunderstanding among American cultures with a few cliches in otherwise creative storytelling & inventive staging.

Don't see it if Not quite on a par with earlier work (Men in Boats) & some confusing inclusions but may get ironed out during previews.

Preview 181001 york mtng coverv01
During previews
Great singing, Sophisticated lyrics, Smart

See it if Cabaret-style irreverent memory piece, multilayered emotions about (in this case) gay love in a fraught time. High scores even in preview.

Don't see it if Music is American songbook in style - if that or story concerning gay partners is not your taste, you may not like it. But I think you will!

Preview oklahoma mobile 04
During previews
Pretentious if risky restaging, Mediocre acting, Beautiful score

See it if It’s the gorgeous music you know on a bare stage so you must focus on the story which is not as saccharine as you may recall.

Don't see it if But acoustics & projection make much unintelligible, there’s little chemistry between lead actors, & Laurie's dream ballet is just weird.