Svetlana 7089

New York City

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Reviews (3)
Absorbing, Clever, Delightful, Enchanting

See it if Acting is amazing, thank you Mark Rylance!

Don't see it if Besides acting, everything felt a little indulgent.

Moving, Fresh, Provocative, Great staging, Great ensemble

See it if You like to see Ensemble work. The group delivered some of the best Ensemble acting I've seen in years!

Don't see it if You are purist Chekhov fan and want to stick close to the text. They stay close to original but definitely took some (delightful) liberties.

Edgy, Quirky, Refreshing, Profound

See it if You are open to a more physical Interpretation of Chekhov. It’s so fresh, funny and fun!

Don't see it if You prefer traditional dialogue heavy Chekhov.