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Sleep No More
Ambitious, Interactive, Inventive, Lots of nudity, Original

See it if you like hazy atmospheres in a somewhat random setting with lots of dancing and nudity

Don't see it if you need linear plots and clearly stories and don't like wearing a mask.

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East Village
Absorbing, Intense, Indulgent, Tight, Disturbing

See it if you like autobiographical solo shows about really tough subject matter, done in a compelling way by someone with real stage presence

Don't see it if you want an easy evening of laughs, or are uncomfortable with someone who really hates her mother, for very good reasons.

Clever, Must see, Really fun, Original

See it if you love songs that you can remember, with gasp-inducing rhymes and clever lyrics, that deliver a loving parody of Mormonism

Don't see it if bashing religion riles you, songs about clitoral mutilation are always beyond the pale, and you don't like being seduced by musical comedy