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George Kaplan
West Village
Compelling, riveting, meta
November 24th, 2022

See it if George Kaplan is a wild ride. Fans of North by Northwest will love the starting point of this famous character who doesn't exist. The play

Don't see it if is structured in 3 parts with some overlapping elements, and this deepens the experience and themes, which include identity and politics.

Also It's engaging, thought-provoking, fast-paced, and more than a little t... Read more Read less

During previews
Clever, layered, moving
November 5th, 2022

See it if This is such a good play but maybe not well served by this production. The literal set fights agains the distancing effect of the double

Don't see it if casting; this needs to play in a more abstracted space. The New Ohio/P 73 production worked better in that regard. But very worth checking

Also out for the play itself and the superb acting. Also the play really ne... Read more Read less

During previews
Intelligent, well acted, unusual setting
November 2nd, 2022

See it if I've loved many of Bess Wohl's plays but this one, while watchable and quite interesting in parts, failed to fully land for me. The decision

Don't see it if to focus on the relationship of the teenagers (and to write it as a two-hander), while including just the vaguest details about the camp

Also and the political atmosphere at the time, ended up feeling like the pl... Read more Read less

During previews
Deep, theatrical, exciting
October 30th, 2022

See it if If you love new plays and theatre that's weird in the best way, you'll love this play. Arbery is engaged in a balancing act, and there is a

Don't see it if deep creative intelligence at work here. Yes, the play can get dark, as it it engages with some dark topics, including depression and

Also suicidal ideation, but they are addressed in honest and surprising way... Read more Read less

Thrilling, propulsive, meta
October 24th, 2022

See it if This Dead Centre production is postmodern Chekhov; smart, high-octane, and theatrical. Frenetic in parts and also precise and intentional,

Don't see it if it's Chekhov's themes, settings, and character types deconstructed into a late stage capitalism take that is part Pirandello, Sarah Kane,

Also Durang, and Hamletmachine and all Chekhov. A thrilling evening of thea... Read more Read less

During previews
You Will Get Sick
Midtown W
Lavin shines in this
October 15th, 2022

See it if Go see it for Linda Lavin, she brings the laughs, the gravitas, and the heart. The production is watchable—strong performances, directing,

Don't see it if staging overall. Daniel K. Isaac is reliable as always; maybe a little too low-key given the context. The actor/acting class in-jokes land

Also well. But the play itself trying to have it both ways—it’s not truly e... Read more Read less

Lazarus 1972 – 2022
East Village
Resonant, Masterful, Exquisite
October 13th, 2022

See it if It was a thrill to see this seminal Ping Chong piece remounted and updated. It has continuing relevance in what it says about Otherness, the

Don't see it if journey of the artist & NYC since 1972, and our post-covid world. It's a rich, moving farewell by a key practitioner of performance theater.

I’m Revolting
Absorbing, good acting, unusual subject matter
October 13th, 2022

See it if The production has its moments and Peter Maloney filling in as Clyde was a treat. Some clever dialogue, funny in parts, also dark, as one

Don't see it if would expect given the subject matter. Overall it felt undercooked & a bit schematic but solid for an early effort by a talented playwright.

Brilliant, theatrical, sui generis
October 2nd, 2022

See it if This is, simply, a thrilling show. It provides the audience with a moment-to-moment experience of time as the phenomenal David Greenspan in

Don't see it if a tour de force performance embodies Gertrude Stein’s text, holding the audience in the present tense with him. It’s flawlessly directed by

Also Ken Rus Schmoll who, with Greenspan, teases out the text’s rhythms, so... Read more Read less

Marie It's Time
Brilliant, searing, original
September 23rd, 2022

See it if Julia Jarcho & minor theater's take on Woyzeck is constantly surprising, funny/sexy/dark and just really really cool. See it if you can. The

Don't see it if music is great, has a punk/Kurt Weill vibe. The actors are compelling and the layers added by the songs--mostly sung by a fantastic Kedian

Also Keohan who manages to give callow and louche at the same time--and the... Read more Read less

Well-acted, emotionally resonant two-hander
April 25th, 2022

See it if This is a tight two-hander about, among other things, economic and social instability, a male friendship, and fatherhood, written by Samuel

Don't see it if Hunter with a lot of specificity as well as some humor and harrowing moments. It’s extremely well-acted. The direction and lighting are

Also precise and understated. The class contrast between the two characters... Read more Read less

A period piece, well acted, but why?
April 16th, 2022

See it if This play creaks. Not at all relevant. Not that every play has to be or even should be, but for a revival if there is no current resonance,

Don't see it if it should at least be excellent material. SJP was very good and I liked Matthew Broderick too, he made some interesting comic choices

Also with weaker material. Great chemistry and the two were fun to watch. A... Read more Read less

Well acted, crowd pleasing, star vehicle
April 16th, 2022

See it if Debra Messing was fine and touching. Crystal Finn was a delight. Susannah Flood and Enrico Colantoni were superb. But, in service to what?

Don't see it if Watching a woman live out her life in lockstep with passé gender roles? All that was missing was prison bars across the proscenium. It was

Also depressing. Yes, the conceit of the play (and the Thornton Wilder play... Read more Read less

Morning Sun
Midtown W
Slow, disappointing, solid acting
November 29th, 2021

See it if Given the strong cast and usually brilliant director, this play added up to very little, which has to be laid at the feet of the writing.

Don't see it if The acting is solid, and Marin Ireland is especially good. But the play is so static and cliched that there's little the actors or director

Also could do to make it sing. It operates somewhat like the playwright's (... Read more Read less

Clyde's (Broadway)
Midtown W
Sharp dialogue, strong acting, thought-provoking
November 29th, 2021

See it if A tight, entertaining play, well-honed by the talented Nottage. Each funny line lands. Under the humor is dark (also sometimes predictable)

Don't see it if backstory, giving the play ballast. The cast is superb. The direction adds a lot of texture. Loved the weaving in of a character from Sweat.

Also Loved the sandwich recipe and teamwork themes, which were giving Ameri... Read more Read less

Masterful, Thought-provoking, Absorbing
February 3rd, 2020

See it if This is a thought-proving evening at the theatre that features 3 one-act plays, Brecht's The Jewish Wife and two new plays that were written

Don't see it if in response to Brecht's. Arlene Hutton's Sunset Point and Kristin Idaszak's Self Help in the Anthropocene are both strong plays. Hutton's is

Also set in the literary world and is smart, engaging, and humorous until t... Read more Read less

In Blue
Midtown W
Thought-provoking, Intelligent, Absorbing
December 6th, 2019

See it if The relationship between German painter Franz Marc and bohemian poet Else Lasker Schüler is at the core of this wildly theatrical play

Don't see it if written and directed by Ran Xia. The language is robust, surprising, and poetic, and the staging is full of inventive flourishes that

Also complement the play's expressionistic style. This is a play about an i... Read more Read less

Risky, thought-provoking, funny
December 3rd, 2019

See it if This is an idea-based play by the talented Will Eno that explores life's Big Questions, not unlike Wakey Wakey and some of his other plays.

Don't see it if It's a very empathetic, humane play and is well worth a look. The structure is interesting and bold but, as the play goes on, it does start

Also to feel somewhat schematic and slow in parts. Some great dialogue and ... Read more Read less

Thought-provoking, Delightful, Quirky
September 5th, 2019

See it if Martha (Stewart) as a deity with the power to recreate Sodom and Gomorrah in a fruit basket and a recent urge to flood the earth--this time

Don't see it if without a heads' up about an ark--and just start over? Why not? This clever, absurdist play by Wendy A. Schmidt imagines the possibilities

Also and tosses in some yoga, accountancy, Jim Morrison and Lot's wife, too... Read more Read less

Relevant, Intelligent, Masterful
August 16th, 2019

See it if Neil LaBute's Appomattox is terrific--the clear stand-out of the Series B program. The writing, acting and directing are superb. LaBute's

Don't see it if mastery and talent are on fine display in this timely and edgy play about reparations. Sharr White's Lucky, about PTSD, is performed at such

Also a glacial pace that it's hard to get a fix on it. It has some strong e... Read more Read less

Some good moments, fine acting
June 23rd, 2019

See it if Series C has some strong moments but there's not really one stand-out play. Kate Atwell's Jesus in Manhattan is the most ambitious and

Don't see it if interesting, but at times feels like a Caryl Churchill mash-up or homage and likely needs more drafts to get it to a place where the

Also playwright's own voice and also some clarity emerge. But it is powerfu... Read more Read less

Well acted, engaging, somewhat uneven
June 23rd, 2019

See it if Harron Atkins's Tempo is the standout here, miles above the other Series B plays. Fine acting by Cecil Blutcher and Wesley T Jones, great

Don't see it if voice-over work, and sharp direction by Collette Robert of a play that is funny, fresh, heartbreaking, empathetic, theatrical and all-around

Also masterful. Cayenne Douglass's Oh My, Goodness features exceptional, wr... Read more Read less

When it was good it was very good...
May 19th, 2019

See it if Two of the plays are knockouts--well-written, acted, directed: Rosie by Lily Houghton, who scored Danya Taymor as director and Tricycle

Don't see it if Backflip by Dan Giles, crisply directed by Matt Dickson. Amy Fox's I'm Sorry is cleverly conceived and has its moments but the start is

Also stronger than the finish. The other two plays didn't land for me--both... Read more Read less

Mesmerizing, stylish, layered, intelligent
April 20th, 2019

See it if You need to have a taste for Greek theatre, meta-theatrics, chamber opera, poetic language, and/or experimentation to appreciate this play.

Don't see it if The stylish, noirish atmosphere created by the talented set & lighting designers sets the tone for this work, in which the Euripides version

Also of Helen (the one where she's not even in Troy but off in Egypt) bumps... Read more Read less

The Fever (La MaMa)
East Village
Thought-provoking, Profound, Resonant, Refreshing
April 16th, 2019

See it if This is an experimental, immersive piece created in the room with the audience a crucial part of the show. It's audience participation-lite,

Don't see it if led by the theatre company members in a respectful, positive way. During the show, community is built, a story is hinted at, and it makes

Also you think about how we care about the people around us--friends and st... Read more Read less

Midtown W
Intense, Absorbing, Great acting
March 30th, 2019

See it if Fine acting and a mostly strong script by Kessler made this an absorbing evening of theatre. That said, you do have to overlook some uneven-

Don't see it if ness of tone and some unlikely events and go along for the ride. At its best, it's tensely entertaining and moving. Feels like the script

Also needs more work and streamlining but there are flashes of brilliance t... Read more Read less

Hurricane Diane
East Village
Funny, entertaining, uneven
March 19th, 2019

See it if Strong acting all around, especially from Danielle Skraastad and Mia Barron, who had the best-written parts. Some great comic moments and

Don't see it if monologues. You had to take it on faith that Diane is making things happen because you don't really see her in action. She should have

Also been the strongest, most compelling character and she comes across as ... Read more Read less

Midtown W
Charming, clever, touching
February 18th, 2019

See it if NASSIM is more theatrical than dramatic. It has good momentum, some funny moments, some touching moments (veering into the sentimental)

Don't see it if and some educational moments. The high wire act/gimmick of the unrehearsed actor gives the piece immediacy. Reed Birney was superb; a treat.

Also That said, the stage environment was very controlled--the actor was no... Read more Read less

The Convent
Midtown W
Ambitious, well-staged, undercooked
February 5th, 2019

See it if You like earnest feminist theatre. A soupçon of irony would have helped. Interesting ideas here but not fully realized. A bit too schematic.

Don't see it if Maybe a rewrite short of being ready. It's a good looking production, mostly well-acted.

Also Worth a look for some of the performances, especially a superb Brittan... Read more Read less

Behind the Sheet
Midtown W
Well-staged, important, slow
January 27th, 2019

See it if The play had some riveting scenes and some moving ones, too, but overall the docu-style made it less theatrical than you would want, despite

Don't see it if some interesting choices by the director. There's an inherent predictability in this kind of play that wasn't fully overcome. Characters

Also were underdeveloped; there to serve plot. As a shocking, lesser-known ... Read more Read less

Electrifying, relevant, masterful, dark
January 27th, 2019

See it if You want to see a masterful playwright's talents on display in three short, powerful plays. LaBute's dialogue is mind-blowingly good, as

Don't see it if always, and he continues to provoke us--dare us--to see the darker side of human beings on earth. The atmosphere in the audience was

Also especially tense during the first monologue, styled as a speech by a m... Read more Read less

Slave Play
East Village
Fresh, intelligent, edgy
January 12th, 2019

See it if You can get a ticket or if it's a zeitgeist-y, sexy ride of a show that takes chances and is provocative and entertaining. It's

Don't see it if sort of Octoroon, Barbeque and Small Mouth Sounds all shaken up to yield something that's its own thing. this playwright.

Also That said, it's not a perfect play and has its longueurs, especially i... Read more Read less

Energetic, strong acting, great set
October 2nd, 2018

See it if Donahue's directing and Laffrey's set really make this play, it's a very strong production. The play itself is clever and funny and shows a

Don't see it if lot of writing talent that sometimes lands and sometimes falls short. Except for Verson's Betty, the characters were pretty type-y, perhaps

Also on purpose, but that made it hard to engage on an emotional level. The... Read more Read less

During previews
Popcorn Falls
Midtown W
Charming, hilarious, sparkling
October 1st, 2018

See it if you like comedy, brilliant acting, strong directing. Two actors play several roles, keeping pace perfectly with Hindman's clever script

Don't see it if The play is a love letter to the theatre and has a lot of heart and humor. If you love the theatre you'll have a lot of fun at this show.

Lower E Side
Bold, inventive, absorbing
July 25th, 2018

See it if you like theatricality, poetic language, strong writing, acting and directing.

Don't see it if you prefer plays with a linear story.

Also This three-character play by Michael Landes, with three strong perform... Read more Read less