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Charming, clever, touching

See it if NASSIM is more theatrical than dramatic. It has good momentum, some funny moments, some touching moments (veering into the sentimental)

Don't see it if and some educational moments. The high wire act/gimmick of the unrehearsed actor gives the piece immediacy. Reed Birney was superb; a treat.

Also That said, the stage environment was very controlled--the actor was no... Read more Read less

Well-staged, important, slow

See it if The play had some riveting scenes and some moving ones, too, but overall the docu-style made it less theatrical than you would want, despite

Don't see it if some interesting choices by the director. There's an inherent predictability in this kind of play that wasn't fully overcome. Characters

Also were underdeveloped; there to serve plot. As a shocking, lesser-known ... Read more Read less

Fresh, intelligent, edgy

See it if You can get a ticket or if it's a zeitgeist-y, sexy ride of a show that takes chances and is provocative and entertaining. It's

Don't see it if sort of Octoroon, Barbeque and Small Mouth Sounds all shaken up to yield something that's its own thing. this playwright.

Also That said, it's not a perfect play and has its longueurs, especially i... Read more Read less

During previews
Charming, hilarious, sparkling

See it if you like comedy, brilliant acting, strong directing. Two actors play several roles, keeping pace perfectly with Hindman's clever script

Don't see it if The play is a love letter to the theatre and has a lot of heart and humor. If you love the theatre you'll have a lot of fun at this show.

Ambitious, well-staged, undercooked

See it if You like earnest feminist theatre. A soupçon of irony would have helped. Interesting ideas here but not fully realized. A bit too schematic.

Don't see it if Maybe a rewrite short of being ready. It's a good looking production, mostly well-acted.

Also Worth a look for some of the performances, especially a superb Brittan... Read more Read less

Electrifying, relevant, masterful, dark

See it if You want to see a masterful playwright's talents on display in three short, powerful plays. LaBute's dialogue is mind-blowingly good, as

Don't see it if always, and he continues to provoke us--dare us--to see the darker side of human beings on earth. The atmosphere in the audience was

Also especially tense during the first monologue, styled as a speech by a m... Read more Read less

Energetic, strong acting, great set

See it if Donahue's directing and Laffrey's set really make this play, it's a very strong production. The play itself is clever and funny and shows a

Don't see it if lot of writing talent that sometimes lands and sometimes falls short. Except for Verson's Betty, the characters were pretty type-y, perhaps

Also on purpose, but that made it hard to engage on an emotional level. The... Read more Read less

Bold, inventive, absorbing

See it if you like theatricality, poetic language, strong writing, acting and directing.

Don't see it if you prefer plays with a linear story.

Also This three-character play by Michael Landes, with three strong perform... Read more Read less