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About:  Todd Brian Backus is a founder of and frequent contributor to Hot Pepper Theater where he reviews shows from Broadway to Off-Off and even talks about classic scripts. Find out more at
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Fly, You Fools!
Hot Pepper Theater

"From the people who brought you 'Hold On To Your Butts' comes 'Fly, You Fools!,' a shot-for-shot parody of 'The Lord of the Rings.' It's so good, It's three actors and one foley artist. It's everything you love about the 'Lord of the Rings.'" Full Review

Avenue Q (NYC)
Midtown W
Hot Pepper Theater

"Avenue Q is like Sesame Street for adults, it's great. Did you see it when it was on Broadway? No? That's okay, because this holds up. It's not too late, you should check it out." Full Review

Hot Pepper Theater

"The set is beautiful and allows for these seamless transitions that allow this theme of memory and this swirling vortex of Alison's life. The show is beautiful, you should really see it." Full Review

Hot Pepper Theater

"'YOUARENOWHERE' is a very experimental piece about a guy who starts giving a physics lecture and it's very manic and weird errors start happening. I think I learned more about special relativity than I ever did in high school. It includes some fun jumpscare situations. It's a technical marvel. It changes the theatrical landscape of what it is that we can do—regardless of what he's talking about, the tech alone, watching him use this tech alone is like, 'Oh!'" Full Review

Hot Pepper Theater

"An absolutely gorgeous production. It's breathtaking how they meld sign and choreography. It feels more visceral and aggressive than the original. There are a lot of sequences that are really dark which makes it hard to understand what is being signed." Full Review