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Lively, historical

See it if Want to learn more about a historical character who did more than just survive the Titanic. Good acting

Don't see it if The book can be tightened a bit. Songs a bit repetitive

Also The show looks like it in the tryout stage for a Broadway run.... Read more Read less

Funny, Delightful

See it if Very campy in Charles Busch style. Not quite family fare but knew that going into the show

Don't see it if Dont bring the kids but more family friendly than his other shows Not as edgy as expected

Story good, rest ok

See it if Well written story. Some songs poignant. A few good voices

Don't see it if Nothing over the top with this show. Some actors were just lacking in substance

Go for the spectacle and wow factor

See it if Disney at its best. Lights, special effects. Will amaze the inner kid in you Love the reindeer!

Don't see it if You want a deep story

Also I never saw the movie so I cannot comment how true to form it is. ... Read more Read less

Amusing storyteller through song

See it if Enjoyable personality as he projects his family history through song

Don't see it if Repeat of his previous show Dont go if expecting new material

During previews
Great acting, tedious beginning, very good second part

See it if Excellent actor playing many characters, each with distinct personality Historical parts of second part very engaging

Don't see it if One man show with limited set Long plot development that could be shortened No intermission and just short of two hours

During previews
The Great Society
Upper W Side

See it if Want background into the Johnson presidency election until Nixon's election. Hear about dirty trips from all politicians

Don't see it if Want to see an exciting portrayal of the most pivotal player in the Vietnam era and formulation of social welfare programs. Want passion

Also Was just short of 3 hrs. ... Read more Read less

During previews
I Spy a Spy
Midtown W
Preposterous but totally enjoyable

See it if Excellent singing Show long but moves Fun characters Some predictable twists but several unpredictable ones

Don't see it if Do not like spy stories with unlikely romantic side stories

Queen of Hearts
Excellent movement of toned bodies

See it if Good acrobatics, dance moves. Well coordinated You can appreciate the human form in G-strings and pasties

Don't see it if Not for those who are uncomfortable with R+ rated performers Horrible incense being pumped in Don't expect a real story A little too loud

Also Good performance but it loses points for the overpowering smoke/incens... Read more Read less

I Married an Angel
Midtown W
The musical as a vehicle for dance without story

See it if Pleasant music that was well choreographed. Good costumes.

Don't see it if Story not tight. Major dance number has no relevance to the story

Also Ignoring the preposterous story (hey this is Broadway fiction) the sto... Read more Read less

Waitress (NYC)
Midtown W
Was ok, Bittersweet

See it if Your are interested in seeing how people rationalize their actions in not perfect marriages. Good ensemble cast Story moves along

Don't see it if If you are uncomfortable with spousal abuse and marital infidelity

Slow, dated morality play

See it if Like morality plays and want to see how one deals with one's conscience

Don't see it if Slow action. The issue at hand is a dated concept. Pretty tame in today's society

Also Interesting that I saw this choice of conscience on the day of Michael... Read more Read less

Always a classy production at lincoln center

See it if Classic musical. Great sets. Great acting

Don't see it if Difficulty understanding English accents Dated musical Bland choreography Always a good seat in that theater

Also In the middle of the first act, there was an announcement, "due to tec... Read more Read less

You are not going for the story

See it if Talented leads - both actresses and dresses You like extravaganzas You like the Cher playbook

Don't see it if The show does not drag but at times, who cares what the Chers have to say to one another Lots of movement but many without meaning

The Book of Merman
Midtown W
Musical comedy on the small stage, Clever, Refreshing, Great singing

See it if Well timed show with good chemistry amongst the trio. Great singing. Some interesting lyrics.

Don't see it if Don't expect a fancy set.

Also Not necessary to have seen Book of Mormon (I havent) to enjoy the show... Read more Read less

Desperate Measures
Midtown W
Fun show

See it if Concise story based loosely on Shakespeare. Not confusing! Good songs. Good acting See it if you want to be entertained

Don't see it if If you expecting Shakespearean dialogue, this is not your show

During previews
Midtown W
Surprisingly not overly depressing

See it if Explores the interplay between the loved ones have with those who are dying. This play is not about the terminally ill patient

Don't see it if Do not see it if you cannot deal with the realities of terminal illness, especially as it effects those around the dying person

Also A different perspective from the vantage point of those dealing with t... Read more Read less

I didn't realize that it was such a funny show

See it if Typical big Broadway production with all the dazzle, sets and customs. Great live theater with great direction

Don't see it if First act better than second, even with the big Dolly number in the second act. All the action in the first act

Also Victor Garber was fantastic

Three on a Match
East Village
Existential, whatever that means

See it if Excellent acting

Don't see it if Want a clear idea of what's going on

Also You know that you are not alone when the woman in front of you turns a... Read more Read less

During previews
Pleasant enough

See it if Creative lyrics, good voices, fun campy entertainment Songs are an excuse to make a story

Don't see it if No real story, don't like drag

Upper W Side
So predictable without drama

See it if You want to see an abridged history lesson of Junk Bonds

Don't see it if You want to see a tight script. Even the few sympathetic characters do not garner much sympathy

Power Over POTUS
Midtown W
Witty, creative

See it if Appreciate parody over the men in power. Jus the right length for the show

Don't see it if Do not appreciate raunchy humor to discuss the sexual peccadilloes of the most powerful men in the world

Uplifting reaffirmation of the potential good in man

See it if You like true to life stories Believe or want to believe that happen in the worse of circumstances

Don't see it if Don't like the predictability of some of the characters' actions

More a time line than a story line

See it if Excellent ensemble cast. Enjoyable music Well directed

Don't see it if Limited story line. Each song is a vignette of an aspect of the immigrant experience but they totality does not make a cohesive story

Also If you do not understand Yiddish then do not sit close or it will be m... Read more Read less

Extremely witty lines.

See it if Wonderful translation into modern era. Well written, well acted. A pleasure overall Not a bad seat in the theater

Don't see it if If you cannot appreciate satire with some slapstick

Also Pay attention or you might miss some subtleties. Makes you wonder what... Read more Read less


See it if Good acting Plays out the horrors of growing old and having to relinquish independence

Don't see it if We know how this will/should end. A bit slow

Just plain boring

See it if If you like gender/race fluidity, the main character will change through life

Don't see it if Show drags.

Aladdin (Broadway)
Midtown W
Amazing set, not just for kids

See it if Amazing mechanics of the set that dazzle. Great costumes complemented by the choreography Enough little nuances to get the adults to chuckle

Don't see it if Not a deep story but better than most of the Disney fluff Songs were OK. You wont go out singing any of them

Also The show has the WOW factor, even by Disney standards of over the top.... Read more Read less

Crude, and not in a funny way

See it if Want to hear gratuitous cursing that do not add substance to the story

Don't see it if Easily offended by sacrilegious dialogue

Also I was not offended by any references or 'interpretations' to the story... Read more Read less

Thought provoking historical show

See it if Very good acting Like historical context

Don't see it if Simple set The high drama is in the context, not in the acting

During previews
Interesting, good acting, somewhat confusing

See it if Very good acting Poignant interactions You like heavy, non traditional role play

Don't see it if Dialogue is sometimes confusing, as the actors themselves state Not for the puritanical, sexual violence

Kinetic, loud, artificial amplification

See it if Lots of action. Good staging. Good choreography.

Don't see it if Too loud to understand during many songs. Over amplification with sound effects made it sound like lip syncing Weak dialogue

Also Uneven production numbers. Some were too loud to understand and enjoy.... Read more Read less

King Kong (NYC)
Midtown W
Amazing set, horrible dialogue

See it if Talented large scale puppetry and overall great staging. Good choreography, some decent songs

Don't see it if You are expecting more than grade school dialogue

Also I got out of the show what I expected. The staging was amazing and not... Read more Read less


See it if Lots of movement at a fast pace Some funny lines Some of the musicians plays multiple instruments well

Don't see it if too loud Unable to hear many of the lines because of the music Poor venue

Also Feels like a sitcom with limited material... Read more Read less

During previews
Midtown W
Matter of fact telling of death and survival (of only a few)

See it if A time line of turmoil, occupation and an in your face story about the decimation of a vibrant community

Don't see it if Cannot deal with the reality of antisemitism nor deal with the constant stench of death in the dialogue that is a fact of their existence

Also Keeps reinforcing that we have to guard our freedoms. For some, man's ... Read more Read less

Great directing, good acting. somewhat boring

See it if Imaginative set design Good ensemble Good singing, for a non-musical

Don't see it if Not compelling A bit slow Cannot empathize with the oppressed character.

The American Tradition
West Village
Gets you thinking, who can you trust when you can trust no one

See it if Good acting See how to deal with fear when the world is your enemy

Don't see it if too much unnecessary profanity that does not add to the script some 20th Century cliches seem out of context

Good lyrics, a bit slow

See it if Romantic view of creature who longs for love. Lyrics tell a good story, although some songs a little long

Don't see it if Don't expect a Broadway set at St Lukes but they make the best of the space. Some voices are good. Some, so-so


See it if Talented child actress although hard to understand her enunciation Some comic moments, but not enough

Don't see it if You do not want to see an annoying kid get under your skin.

Also Eve Johnson is very talented. She had the lines, mannerisms and moveme... Read more Read less

I guess this is what one would call a dark comedy - laughs about incest, rape and murder

See it if Good acting. Bits of comic relief. The Greek chorus is a nice touch, until it gets tiring

Don't see it if Not to be seen if you want a care-free evening with light humor. Some of the characterizations are a bit over the top

Keeps you guessing what you just saw

See it if Nothing up his sleeve as there were none but somehow things moved across the room. Items disappeared. Levitation. Standard stuff :-)

Don't see it if You don't like magic.

Also The show is not fast paced and there are not hundreds of tricks but wh... Read more Read less

During previews
Dan Cody's Yacht
Midtown W
A different type of morality play

See it if Gets you thinking about what money buys Sets at MTC seem simple but very effective

Don't see it if A bit too long Acting not crisp

Dated american song book

See it if Clean plot that moves along. Good storyline. Excellent voices

Don't see it if Long, tedious, boring dance numbers. Did not captivate

Also Lindsey Mendez provided the most interested character of the play. The... Read more Read less

For a previous production
Meticulous in its faults

See it if Well timed in execution Good direction of a cast that works well together or else they'd get killed Storyline better than expected

Don't see it if Dont want to see stupid slapstick, but not as stupid as expecting

Who's Holiday!
Midtown W
Short and sweet, ok, not that sweet

See it if You want to find out what happens when little girls grow up. Tragedy befalls them if their parents reject their lover

Don't see it if Dont want to hear about innocence lost by way of a the Grinch

Also Should become a holiday staple for adults.

Let There Be Stuff
East Village
Eh, you have to love repetitive profanity

See it if Want to learn how man was made in God's image and the results are not pretty. All bad human acts start with Genesis

Don't see it if Do Not want to be bombarded by incessant profanity that takes away instead of adding to the story You think the Bible contains only good

Also It is an interesting view of the stories in the Bible but not presente... Read more Read less

Great staging, entertaining for whatever it is about

See it if Excellent direction Want to see when people change for the good that their life will change Fun evening

Don't see it if Expect this little animal to provide family friendly entertainment

Marvin's Room
Midtown W
Was fine, not very good but fine

See it if good enough acting want to see how empathy overcomes mental instability nice movable set

Don't see it if know anything about medicine and care about realism want loose ends tied up

War Paint
Midtown W
Strong personalities make for a strong story

See it if You like historical representations that are not juke box musicals Strong singing by A-list actresses Surprisingly interesting story

Don't see it if You are expecting a totally true to fact account of the interactions of these two powerful women

Cost of Living
Midtown W
Raw emotion

See it if How in daily life people deal with physical disabilities and how those around them will respond. Understand that people are people

Don't see it if uncomfortable seeing actors who either have cerebral palsy or amputee want to sugar coat physical problems