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There's nothing like seeing this evidence live, it conveys how easily bureaucratic incompetence, prejudice, corruption and lies in our society crystallises into evil. And sometimes in banal ways, if the email evidence is anything to go by. Full Review

Operation Crucible
Midtown W
Exeunt Magazine

for a previous production "The production is great at contrasting the control the men hold over their tools in the factory – 'it’s magic lads' – with their lack of power against the more ‘metalized’ identity-extinguishing soldiers showering bombs down on them...Knowles’s writing, made sharp with the barbarous humour of the Yorkshire men as they jokingly swap jibes also has a poetic almost streams of consciousness quality...This helps externalise their individual experiences of war." Full Review

My Perfect Mind
Midtown E
Theatre Bubble

for a previous production "'My Perfect Mind' wonderfully exemplifies the nature of one’s own reality and truth, depends on individual perceptions of and reactions to external events and therefore determines which character one decides to be- the self, the king, the fool or all three. Edward Petherbridge gets his magic in the end and is King Lear but it’s a magic fashioned and derived from the detritus of a tragic event that could have turned out differently if other perceptions and choices were made." Full Review

The Stage (UK)

The audience’s lack of agency ... becomes a running theme. The play’s modern-day ending is gently redemptive and full of pathos. Storytelling may have progressed since Ovid’s time, yet this new equality and trust remains fragile. Full Review

Theatre Bubble

for a previous production "The beauty of this production teaches us that it is natural, beautiful and healing, paving the way for something new, though a new that is not unrelated to the past...The play is seamless, it has its own rhythm and regular pulse, like a long visual poem. It combines physical theatre, synchronised movement...Christian Roe’s Rabbit and Ashley Byam’s Boy are in perfect harmony with each other." Full Review