Veronique Ory

“…Ory is quietly appealing as the lovelorn Jennifer.” -New York Post
“Ory’s Rosie brings youthful energy.” –Back Stage
“The acting lives and breathes on stage in performances that would make Uta Hagen proud.”-Metro LA
Originally from Montreal, Quebec in Canada, Veronique Ory is now based in New York City with dual citizenship.
Veronique is also a local hire for film, TV, Voice Overs, and theatre in NYC, Los Angeles and Montreal. Theatre is an important part of her craft in her career. She is the co-founder of Athena Theatre, a nonprofit theatre organization, founded in July 2003. It is through Athena Theatre where Veronique is able to produce amazing thought-provoking new plays that she is truly proud of.
Veronique has gained several awards such as being named Top Ten Best Actress in Los Angeles by NoHo LA,, Entertainment Today and Metro LA.

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NYC: West Village

Athena Theatre presents the world premiere of a dark comedy exploring the importance of art, the challenges of…


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