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Great acting, Intelligent, Intense, Absorbing

See it if You'd enjoy a thoughtful, well constructed drama with Pinteresque surrealism. Excellent acting and a play that leaves you thinking.

Don't see it if You don't like Pinter or can't follow a variety of threads that don't tie together neatly - but that's the joy of this play

High Noon
West Village
Interesting staging, good acting but too long...

See it if You don't mind movie to stage adaptations, you can take a slower paced drama and like an ensemble cast.

Don't see it if You prefer fast moving drama...

During previews
Operation Crucible
Midtown W
Strong ensemble cast, gripping story, evocative with a minimalist staging

See it if you like excellent ensemble acting, plays that evoke social history and give you a sense of time and place, you like British content!

Don't see it if You prefer a grand staging, elaborate props and costumes, you don't like war stories or all male casts

Epic, Moving, Entertainling, Great staging, Ensemble cast

See it if You enjoy epic theatre excellent staging and cast, plays with meaning, heart and the power to make us reflect on the world and our place it

Don't see it if You prefer your plays short, sweet or edited for length, this requires time and attention. It's Kushner, it's going to be long and digress.

Heavy handed but thought provoking revival

See it if You're interested in deaf culture and a period piece that reflects how gender relations & deafness were characterized only a generation ago

Don't see it if You need fast moving theatre, you don't like period pieces or a play that it primarily narrated (rather monotonously) by a single actor.

Miles for Mary
Midtown W
Solid show with great ensemble acting and humor

See it if You've seen the absurdity of a school or nonprofit meeting and appreciate the painful black humor in the British TV show "The Office"

Don't see it if You're looking for something to happen, there's a lot of tension in the play, but ultimately not as much drama as you might expect.

Also It's an entertaining play and it made me think, but because not much a... Read more Read less

During previews
Ambitious, Great staging, Ambitious, thought provoking historical drama with good acting and staging

See it if You enjoy historical dramas, innovative stagings and resonant themes addressing racial inequality, power and betrayal

Don't see it if You don't like "talky" plays, you aren't interested in Malcolm X or you aren't open to a reexamination of an icon...

20th Century Blues
Midtown W
Rather dull and not resonate to me though this may be generational

See it if You like ensemble works by women, you're interested in the baby boomers and you can tolerate hearing stories you feel you've hear before

Don't see it if You're looking for profound theatre that resonates with a broad audience or you want a strong dramatic arc to the work.

Ambitious, Profound, Resonant, Intense, Hilarious

See it if You're a fan of Enda Walsh, big themes, absurdist theatre, black humor and have patience for theatre that's not immediately comprehensible..

Don't see it if you need to understand everything that's going on immediately, you hate Beckett or you can't laugh and think at once...

During previews
Ambitions, intelligent, rambling, good staging

See it if You can follow multiple threads in an intellectual plays that run across time and space. You enjoy themes like fact, fiction and literature

Don't see it if You can't sit through a three act play, you prefer the actors to be singing, you aren't interested in current affairs, history or art

Soundview Summer
Midtown W
Socially conscious show with good ensemble cast

See it if You like to see small shows, a strong ensemble cast, social themes and a vein of humor.

Don't see it if You're looking for deep analysis of the nuclear industry or you don't like 90 minute plays.

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Desperate Measures
Midtown W
Entertaining, Funny, Great singing

See it if enjoy off beat musicals, want to be entertained and enjoy a good laugh.

Don't see it if you're looking for a serious Shakespeare

Clever, Funny, Great acting, Great staging, Refreshing

See it if You like small well crafted shows. You love Shakespeare but aren't wedded to the text and appreciate a cleverly redone rollicking tale.

Don't see it if You don't appreciate good acting, can't bear Shakespeare, 90 minute shows or small off beat venues.

Mother of the Maid
East Village
Great acting, thought provoking and ambitious but the play doesn't quite pull it all together....

See it if You want to see a ambitious play and a masterclass in acting from Miss Close and the ensemble cast in an intimate theatre setting...

Don't see it if You don't like historical themes treated in new ways ...

Black Light
West Village
Ambitious personal narrative set to song, wanted to love it but didn't...

See it if You like one retro person narratives in a cabaret setting with a disco feel. Uplifting at moments but felt strained overall...

Don't see it if You don't like drag shows or heartfelt personal stories wrapped up with song...

Clever, Entertaining, Great acting, Great staging, Intelligent

See it if You want to see the masterful Glenda Jackson own the stage, you are a fan of Albee or Laurie Metcalf, you like plays about women's lives.

Don't see it if You're not a fan of the absurdism of Albee, your expectations are too high, these are great performances in a less than great play.

During previews
Great acting, Ambitious, Daemanding, Master work, Excruciatingly long

See it if You like O'Neill, excellent ensemble acting plus Denzel, can sit still for four hours, you enjoy plays about ideas, pain, meaning and life.

Don't see it if You have a short attention span, you don't like dark, painful material, racial epithets or women being abused on stage.

During previews
Midtown W
Clever , quick and intellectually dizzying, strong performances

See it if You like Stoppard, or clever British plays referencing everything from Marx, Gilbert and Sullivan to The Importance of Being Ernest.

Don't see it if You hate grasping at too many references or can't follow a fast moving dialogue. It would be a travesty if you didn't like it !

Classic theatre, great acting and resonant themes

See it if You enjoy thoughtful, classic family drama with humor, emotion and social issues & to support a smaller company producing quality theatre.

Don't see it if You can't enjoy something produced in a school auditorium....

Also We checked this out because of the Showscore reviews and I'm very happ... Read more Read less

The Children
Midtown W
Intelligent, Solid theatre, good acting, intelligent and relvant

See it if You like British imports and don't discount dystopic themes. Solid drama, good acting, interesting theme, thought provoking good not great.

Don't see it if You think Broadway means all singing and dancing, have no tolerance for serious subjects including death, dying and/or infidelity

Historical drama with music and top actor

See it if You have to see Mark Rylance anytime he is on the New York stage, good sets are important to you and you enjoy period music

Don't see it if You don't like historical dramas or music, and/or you're looking for a play with two strong acts.

Also Always glad to see Rylance on the stage with a number of excellent act... Read more Read less

Midtown W
Provocative, timely, conversation starter

See it if You enjoy watching theatre that starts a conversation and you're open to thinking about what consent means in different contexts.

Don't see it if You'd prefer a trigger warning for material dealing with sexual assault, the nature of consent or ethnic and racial stereotypes.

During previews
Muswell Hill
Midtown W
Entertaining but not profound

See it if You want to be amused and enjoy British subject matters.

Don't see it if You're looking for a deep intellectual vein or deep character development.

Midtown W
Intense, Resonant, Intelligent, Great staging, Thought-provoking

See it if you like an intellectually engaging play.

Don't see it if you don't want to deal with religion or death!

Also The set was good as was the acting though we found the first act more ... Read more Read less

Rent Control
Entertaining, Funny, Local

See it if You enjoy one person shows, you like New York stories and you want to be amused.

Don't see it if You don't like small shows, small venues or one person shows.