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At The Wedding
Upper W Side
Not as entertaining or poignant as i had hoped, A few funny moments (too few), Cliched, A long 70 minutes no intermission, Fun & inventive set
May 21st, 2022

See it if Like shows about regret, relationships, angst, weddings.

Don't see it if Are troubled by alcohol abuse. Expect a fully sharpened piece.

During previews
Disappointing, Uneven, Difficult to sit through, Single actor piece, Unfunny, slow, and badly paced
May 18th, 2022

See it if You have an open evening and many cocktails beforehand. Really like one person shows that aren't ready for the stage.

Don't see it if Expect a good script or performance.

During previews
Needs a trim and overhaul, Not even close to as funny as sarah silverman, Only occasionally funny, Irregular pacing and uneven performances, Pretty disappointing
May 11th, 2022

See it if You like seeing kids in shows (even if they aren't very compelling). Like little glimpses of SS's raunchy & surprising humor.

Don't see it if You want it be as funny as SS is -- not even close. Expect a fully-baked, polished, and ready-for-the-Atlantic musical.

Midtown W
Short attention span scenes, Raunchy, Fun cast that is also having fun, Sketch comedy for 2 hours, Very silly farce
May 7th, 2022

See it if Like political send-ups. Need a fun & frothy farce. Are fans of the entertaining women in this cast.

Don't see it if Are easily offended language. Are tired of politics. Are wanting a serious take on the presidency.

Also Julie White steals this show! 👏👏

90 minutes no intermission, Dialogue more repetitive than effective, Very cool set, Clever scene changes, Sentimental
May 7th, 2022

See it if You are a D Messing fan. Like light, sentimental comedies. Enjoy fun and effective ensemble acting.

Don't see it if Want a serious show. Need realism. Have difficulty suspending disbelief.

Very effective set and lighting, 90 minutes no intermission, An extended and deep conversation, Phenomenal acting duo, Great playwriting by hunter...again!
May 5th, 2022

See it if You liked conversations that are complex and intriguing. Appreciate excellent acting. Liked Hunter's other Idaho-based plays.

Don't see it if You are an impatient audience member and need action other than meaningful conversational interaction.

Spartan stage and inventive sound design, Scottish tale, 90 minutes no intermish, Two woman show, Great vocal performances & tech
April 27th, 2022

See it if Like a Capella and use of tech with voices. Stories of the sea or Scotland. Like non-traditional musicals &/or actors playing multiple roles

Don't see it if Need high production values. Don't like a Capella vocal music or electronic manipulation of singing.

Stark and effective set, Terrific revival, Pedophilia & incest, Vogel's pulitzer winner, Parker, morse and day are great
April 23rd, 2022

See it if Are a Vogel fan -- or Parker, Morse or Day. Appreciate excellent ensemble acting in a Pulitzer winning drama.

Don't see it if Bothered by difficult topics-- pedophilia, child abuse, incest. Want elaborate production values -- this is effectively stripped down.

During previews
Wish You Were Here
Midtown W
Heartfelt and real, 100 minute show (needs a15 min trim), Women's bodies and sexuality, Ensemble excellence, Iranian story of women, love, friendships
April 23rd, 2022

See it if Like stories of women and relationships

Don't see it if But off my graphic talk of sexuality and bodily functions. Want more action than just conversation.

During previews
Surprisingly current, Ambitious update attempt of classic text, The existence of and threat to earth and family, Allusions and allegories, Visually intriguing
April 23rd, 2022

See it if Are a fan of Wilder. Like bold, wild attempts at updating classic texts. Appreciate bold staging, puppetry, a disappearing 4th wall

Don't see it if Aren't patient -- it's three hours long. Don't like old texts being updated and made more conttemporary.

During previews
Pulitzer prize worthy, Terrific performances, Hilarious & heartbreaking, Important and absorbing
April 18th, 2022

See it if Want to be entertained & challenged. Like daring musicals. Interested in Blackness & Queerness.

Don't see it if You are put off by sex, queerness, questioning Christianity, or teasing Tyler Perry.

Also Much improved since the Playwights production-- clearer and more focus... Read more Read less

During previews
Historic and important piece of dramatic literature, Simplistic lighting & set, Poetry & storytelling, Movement & dance, Non-linear
April 18th, 2022

See it if You like dance and movement pieces -- as well as poetry. Want to better understand the experiences and perspectives of Black women

Don't see it if Want a play, traditional musical or linear story. Are sensitive to cursing or sexual language.

During previews
To My Girls
Midtown W
Campy, Overgeneralized & wildly broad, Gay millennial sitcom on steroids, Overly preachy, Fun & funny performances
April 10th, 2022

See it if Need a chuckle-- but too often at the expense of gay male stereotypes. Like broad, quippy humor.

Don't see it if Are bothered by lots of alcohol use and much sexual banter. Looking for a deep, serious look at post-pandemic friendship.

Thought provoking and discussion worthy, Another great piece by & starring letts, Humorous and shocking, Excellent acting ensemble, Challenging & ambitious
April 10th, 2022

See it if You like Letts, Pendleton, or Brown -- all shine in this. Want to be challenged to question who records history and to what end.

Don't see it if Want a light comedy -- there is humor here, but it's also quite dark and challenging.

Midtown W
90 minutes no intermish, Playwright dominique morrisseau, Creative and effective staging and casting, American racism 19th & 21st centuries, Thought provoking
April 10th, 2022

See it if Like Morisseau's playwrighting. Interested in American history and important discussion of slavery and racism.

Don't see it if You avoid important investigations of the troubling racist history of the U.S. Are offended by language or violence.

Baseball story about queerness, race, and friendship, Lots of full frontal nudity, Jesse tyler ferguson steals the show, Cool and effective set/lighting, Good revival of once-shocking play
April 3rd, 2022

See it if You liked the original. Like baseball, queerness, issues of race. Want to see Jesse Tyler Ferguson shine and steal the show.

Don't see it if Are easily offended by language or full frontal nudity (and lots of each).

East Village
Thought-provoking, Needs a bit of a trim, Important story well told, Great cast and performances, Indepth historical musical
April 1st, 2022

See it if You are a fan of: Taub, Soo, Colella, American and/or women's history. Like musicals.

Don't see it if Are bored by history. Dislike new musicals.

Misdemeanor Dream
East Village
Too long, even at 90 minutes, Awkward mix of dance, video, words, images, Uneven cast & performances, Native imagery and storytelling, Confusing and non-linear
March 12th, 2022

See it if Are interested in native and indigenous voices and stories. Like non-traditional performance.

Don't see it if Need a fully baked product. Are impatient and not interested in a wide variety of performance talent.

Space Dogs
Midtown W
Two-hander musical, Cool projections, models, puppets, A kid's show for adults, Fun history of the cold war, Clever
March 12th, 2022

See it if You like historyand clever musicals.

Don't see it if Don't like musicals or cute productions.

Intimate Apparel
Upper W Side
Listenable and interesting, Historically important, Terrific set, costume & staging, Wonderful reinvention of the play, Great singing
March 5th, 2022

See it if Are a fan of the play or Nottage. Like opera. Appreciate talented vocalists.

Don't see it if Don't like opera.

Jane Anger
West Village
A frothy romp with ample word play, Historical and apt pandemic humor, Broad humor in 90 quick minutes, Feminist shakespeare send-up, 4 fun & spirited performances
March 5th, 2022

See it if You like Shakespeare inspired humor. Appreciate a tongue in cheek feminist take. Are a Urie fan. Need a giggle with a classic inspiration.

Don't see it if Need Shakepeare to be serious. Are offended by lots of sex jokes. You take yourself too seriously.

During previews
Variably engaging & not believable, Classic and authentic staging, Strong cast (with one glaring exception), Excellent production values, Nearly 3 hours of o'neill
March 2nd, 2022

See it if You like the quality of work the Irish Rep is known for. Fan of O'Neill. Are tolerant of wildly variable acting performances.

Don't see it if Struggle with O'Neiil's verbosity and and traditional, old-fashioned dramas. Can't abide watching badly miscast actors.

Also The leads are really fine with one exception (Sara) -- and it really h... Read more Read less

The Same
Midtown W
Captivating and apt set & lighting, Non-linear and difficult to follow, 50 minutes in an intimate setting, Mental illness on graphic display, Excellent acting duo
March 2nd, 2022

See it if Like excellent acting. Are interested in issues of mental health and illness. Like intimate, in-the-round immersive theatre.

Don't see it if Want audience anonymity. Need linearity and clarity. Aren't bothered by an intimate representation of mental illness.

During previews
Consistently weak performances, Static direction and staging, Disappointing, Too many topics and no focus, Rambling and badly written
February 23rd, 2022

See it if There is no reason to see this production. It is not a script ready for production and the direction, staging, and acting reflects that.

Don't see it if Want to see a cogent, focused or well-produced production.

Also I take no pleasure in writing this review. I went with an open mind, b... Read more Read less

During previews
Out of Time
East Village
Thought-provoking, Slow, Talented actors, Existential & ponderous, 3 hours of monologues
February 20th, 2022

See it if You appreciate monologues and the interesting and valuable voices of Asian senior citizens.

Don't see it if Don't like single actors performing existential monologues.

Filled with tourists, children & late arrivers, Murky & lumbering, Cliched, Disappointing, Tired & slow
February 20th, 2022

See it if You have out of town guests who insist. No other reason.

Don't see it if Want a theatrical experience that is an enchanting, fresh, lively, engaging.

Also Time to put this production out of his misery.

During previews
Made by God
Script could use sharpening, Abortion, suicide, drugs, relationships, & religion, Uneven acting -- some realistic and some a caricature, Intimate theatre, staging, and performances, Tough content matter
February 16th, 2022

See it if You like intimate, close-up theatre that addresses tough topics like abortion, religion, drugs, relationships, family. Are an Irish Rep fan.

Don't see it if Are looking for a light and easy 90 minutes in the theatre. Are frustrated by actors that vary widely in skill and effectiveness.

During previews
Thought-provoking, Creative and interesting set, Thoughtful examination of language and identity, Realistic and effective acting, Subtle & quiet
February 10th, 2022

See it if Are interested in language, culture, identity, and questions of "home." Appreciate naturalistic acting by a small, intimate ensemble.

Don't see it if Need action or a fast paced production. Are impatient and not interested in interpersonal and cultural issues.

Underwhelming storytelling-- yawn, Lobbies and hallways are transformed and disneyfied, Theatre filled with chatting kids and candy wrappers, For potterheads only, Magic and stagecraft is cool
February 8th, 2022

See it if You are Crazy for Harry Potter. Want an amusement park-like experience.

Don't see it if Want a legitimate storytelling experience in a theatre. Are bothered by constant chatter (mainly very enthusiastic kids) and candy wrappers.

Wolf Play
Ambitious & disappointing, Writing doesn't establish relationships between characters fully enough, Inventive use of puppetry, Chaotic direction, Amateurish and uneven
February 6th, 2022

See it if Like the use of puppets within a play. Appreciate actors working hard to interpret and tell a story about family that's odd and uneven.

Don't see it if Desire a well-written, clearly-directed, evenly-acted new play.

Also I see what's being attempted here and like the idea, but this script i... Read more Read less

During previews
Toe-tapping old-fashioned fun, Mays & houdyshell 😂, Great young dancers, Jackman & foster glow, An american musical theatre classic
February 1st, 2022

See it if Like a big, bold, fun, unapologetic production of an American classic. Like Hugh, Sutton, Jefferson or Jayne. Love fun dance numbers.

Don't see it if Want something new and inventive -- this is just a straightforward telling of this musical.

Effective projections, Two hours no intermission, Contemporary staging, Abbreviated version, Great performance and ensemble
January 28th, 2022

See it if Are as fan of the play or O'Neill and open to a contemporary interpretation.

Don't see it if Need action instead of dialogue. Want a feel good night at the theatre.

During previews
Tambo & Bones
Midtown W
From minstrel show to hip hop to futurism, Race in america, Edgy & unconventional, Troubling & provocative, Ambitious
January 26th, 2022

See it if You like frank discussions of race and oppression. Are open to Non-Linear, symbolic, thought-provoking theatre.

Don't see it if Are easily offended by language. Don't like Hip Hop music. Want lighthearted entertainment that doesn't stick with you.

During previews
Doesn't meet expectations, Important portrait of american lives, Too slowly paced, Hard working & fine performances, Ponderous and static
January 20th, 2022

See it if Are a Rashad and/or Morisseau fan. Compelled by stories of work, struggle, class, identity. See fine acting. Dance & projection is 👍.

Don't see it if Need a lively and compelling storyline. Are offended by cursing. Don't have patience.

During previews
Intense and non-linear, Sexual assault and fantasies, Shocking and fascinating, 100 min no intermish, Sensorial fantasia
January 19th, 2022

See it if You are a Barron fan. Appreciate intense and in-depth exploration of relationship, sexuality, sensory experiences. Like the non-traditional.

Don't see it if Are offended by graphic demonstrations and discussions of bodily functions and fluids, sexual assault. Bothered by intense sounds & smells.

Also The BEST stage phone calls I have ever seen or heard. 👏👏 Clare Barron.

Good family show, Mcclure is special and entertaining, Terrific costumes, Dated and tonedeaf, Fun fluff
January 7th, 2022

See it if you like musicals based on movies that require very little thought. Want to see McClure in an amazing performance. Need a fluffy, toe tapper

Don't see it if Want substances or currency. Dislike movies turned into musicals.

Entertaining, A real toe-tapper, One of the better jukebox musicals, Paced and designed well, Great music and dancing
January 5th, 2022

See it if Like Motown, R&B, or the Temptations. Are a fan of jukebox musicals. Looking for fun night of entertainment.

Don't see it if You hate jukebox musicals or the music of Motown. Don't care about one. guy's version of a singing group's history.

Best play on broadway, Creative and imaginative set and music, Beautifully witten, Terrific trio of actors, Beale is worth the ticket all by himself!
December 29th, 2021

See it if You love great ensemble acting in a fine production -- outstanding script, design, cast, overall production.

Don't see it if Need action and large cast. Are impatient and can't sit still. and listen for three acts.

Also The best play on Broadway hands down. The fastest 3+ hours since Augus... Read more Read less

Morning Sun
Midtown W
So glad i saw this despite reviews of others, Touching and very impactful, 100 minutes no intermish, Three generations of women's stories, Three outstanding performances by brown, falco & ireland
December 19th, 2021

See it if You are interested in personal storytelling and want to witness a spectacular trio of actresses. Are a fan of Brown, Falco or Ireland.

Don't see it if Need "action" rather than conversation. Are offended by frank talk of personal issues (abuse, sex, relationships, cancer, death).

Also Almost didn't come tomtg is show based on lukewarm and critical review... Read more Read less

Excellent acting in difficult and traumatic role, 80 minutes no intermish, Difficult to follow at times, One woman monologue, About the trauma of abuse
December 11th, 2021

See it if Want to see a fine actor take on a very difficult monologue. Have interest in the traumatic impacts of childhood & adolescent trauma.

Don't see it if You avoid references to sexual and physical abuse. Do not like monologues or small, very claustrophobic theatre spaces.

Needs faster pacing, Terrific cast -- great voices & dancing, Lsd fueled musical, Wonderful sets, lights, projections, Ambitious
December 11th, 2021

See it if You like courageous and creative new musicals. Want to see a terrific cast and stunning production (set, etc).

Don't see it if Are impatient with a nontraditional musical topic (LSD). Are put off my drug use. Can't sit for three hours.

Also Wish the director had quickened the pacing of several scenes that drag... Read more Read less

During previews
Disappointing, A few cute duets, Not irish rep's finest, Slow and awkward, Old-fashioned musical melodrama
December 9th, 2021

See it if You like rarely seen period musicals that have a melodramatic style.

Don't see it if Are impatient. It's long and drags at times.

SIX (Broadway)
Midtown W
Doesn't even approach the hype, Fluffy and fun entertainment, Terrific voices!, Really a concert trying to be a musical, Disappointing
December 5th, 2021

See it if You like loud and contemporary vocal styling. Appreciate a quirky and loose examination of history.

Don't see it if Want to see an actual musical. This isn't one. It's 6 talented women singing their hearts out and being campy.

Morning's at Seven
Midtown W
A very pleasant evening in the theatre, Full of outmoded and outdated sexist notions, An american period piece, Fine cast of accomplished actors, Old fashioned and quaint
November 29th, 2021

See it if You have a soft spot for 80+ year old plays. Appreciate a fine cast of accomplished actors. Want to take a step back in time.

Don't see it if Have no patience for a old fashioned stories that are packed with sexism. Need action.

Disappointing, Trying to be clever, Uncomfortable theatre for 2.5 hour musical, Very forced storyline and performances, Cliched
November 28th, 2021

See it if You have a friend in the cast or crew (which half of the audience of 23 seemed to have). They are trying hard!

Don't see it if Don't want to have actors in your lap and singing loudly in your face.

Also I did appreciate the attempts at inclusivity: LGBTQ, race, disability.

Clyde's (Broadway)
Midtown W
Restaurant kitchen dramedy, Not a fast 10o minutes, Not nottage's best, Sandwiches!, Characters and acting very broad
November 28th, 2021

See it if You see all that Nottage writes or are a huge fan of Aduba. Have an eye for wild costumes (Aduba) or ear for incarceration stories.

Don't see it if Seek a fully developed concept and script. There are a few moments of clarity and fine acting, but a lot that aren't.

Also Was very excited to see Aduba, but found this a one-note performance.

Company (Broadway)
Midtown W
Great night on broadway, Tony revival fodder for sure, Sondheim at his best, Terrific sets and staging, Love lenk & lupone! 💗
November 23rd, 2021

See it if You love Sondheim, Lenk, and/or Lupone. Updated beautifully. Want the glitz and fun of a full-blown Broadway production.

Don't see it if Don't want to see/hear a splashy 3 hour Broadway musical. Don't like talk of love, romance, marriage and COMPANY!

Also Run don't walk. This show is all you'd want it to be. I'll be going ba... Read more Read less

Approval Junkie
West Village
Of a particular demographic, Both witty and trite, Sentimental and heartfelt, Autobiographical and personal, Solo, one-woman show
November 20th, 2021

See it if Like Faith Salie. Appreciate one-actor monologues. Are interested in coming of age and romantic stories tales.

Don't see it if Want to avoid frank talk of sex and eating disorders or the F-bomb. Aren't interested in 90 minutes of details about this actor's life.

Thought provoking, Well cast, Overly broad performance styles, Dated theatrically but relevant topically, So glad this came to broadway...at last.
November 20th, 2021

See it if Are interested in racism in the arts/theatre. Are a fan of LaChanze. Want exposure to playwriting/styles of the 50s.

Don't see it if Are impatient with the datedness of the play and its overbroad and highly exaggerated production.

A bit slow, Dylan fans must see/hear, Talented cast, Lost some of the charm from the public, Terrific music
November 17th, 2021

See it if You are fan of Bob Dylan and his music.

Don't see it if Need a linear, clear story line.

Also I LOVED this show at The Public and was not as impressed on Broadway. ... Read more Read less