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Radio Golf

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Director Brandon J. Dirden returns to Two River to direct their sixth production from August Wilson’s "American Century Cycle"—"Radio Golf," the Cycle’s 10th and final play, set in 1997. More…

From the show:

Directed by Obie Award winner Brandon J. Dirden

“Gorgeous writing with a big heart! Not only is this Wilson’s most contemporary work. It is also his most accessible.”—Newsday

Real-estate developer Harmond Wilks is determined to become the first black mayor of Pittsburgh, and to revitalize the Hill District. Starbucks, Barnes & Noble and Whole Foods are ready to move in. But one particular house on the development site, at 1839 Wylie Avenue, must be torn down, a casualty of urban blight. And that house belonged to Wilson’s legendary Aunt Ester—forcing Harmond, and the Hill District itself, into a battle between the past and the future.

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