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The Abrons Arts Center is the performing and visual arts center of Henry Street Settlement. The facility links the 300-seat proscenium Playhouse, originally constructed as the Neighborhood Playhouse by philanthropists Alice Lewisohn and Irene Lewisohn in 1915 to the main art center building, which opened in 1975.

Productions (28)

Already closed Distances Smaller Than This Ar... NYC: Lower E Side
85 2 reviews

This experimental piece uses live video, dance, and performance to create an intimate staged conversation.

Already closed jazz singer NYC: Lower E Side
79 21 reviews

Abrons Arts Center presents this theatrical exhumation of the first feature-length "sound film,” "The Jazz Singer."

Already closed Pathetic NYC: Lower E Side
77 8 reviews

A teen-drama riff on Racine’s "Phèdre," Minor Theater’s “Pathetic” invites you to get off on the sick horrors of becoming a woman.

Already closed A Number NYC: Lower E Side
98 2 reviews

A Production Company presents a new staging of Caryl Churchill’s two-hander, a meditation from one of the world’s most renowned feminist playwrights on who and what we are.

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