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Corkscrew Theater Festival


Corkscrew Theater Festival is a brand-new NYC summer festival running August 7 - September 3 at the Paradise Factory theater (64 E 4th St), with the aim of increasing access to production opportunities for a varied set of early-career artists, especially those who are developing work through innovative collaborative models. The inaugural 2017 season includes five new plays with eight performances each, plus a reading series of five plays in development. The festival is presented by The Brewing Dept. and Fortress Productions.

Productions (17)

Closed Collective Noun NYC: East Village
69 14 reviews

Part of the 2019 Corkscrew Festival, "Collective Noun" is a love letter to an unsung history of collective action and a battle cry for radically re-envisioning what it means to fight for change.

Closed Patience NYC: East Village
71 11 reviews

Part of the Corkscrew Festival, "Patience" offers a portrait of a young black man struggling to build a life with other people when all he’s learned so far is how to be alone.

Closed Walt Whitman BodyJolt NYC: East Village
83 3 reviews

A play in the form of an audience participatory exercise class led by Walt Whitman, the esteemed poet and, now, the creator of a new fitness regimen for 21st-century Americans. Part of the Corkscrew Festival.

Closed Stone NYC: East Village
85 1 reviews

Part of the Corkscrew Festival. "Stone" is a collaborative play inspired by Leslie Feinberg's seminal novel "Stone Butch Blues" about butch solidarity and gay community organizing in the 1960s.

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