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En Garde Arts


To produce bold, unconventional, and innovative multimedia and interdisciplinary theatre that marries content with community and inspires dialogue and debate about the salient issues of our time.

Productions (5)

Closed A Dozen Dreams NYC: Financial
76 5 reviews

A response to the question "What are you dreaming about right now?" from 12 NYC women playwrights.

Closed Fandango for Butterflies (and ... NYC: Midtown W
85 19 reviews

Inspired by interviews with undocumented Latin America immigrants, the piece will take the form of a fandango, a community celebration where stories are brought to life through music, dance, and performance.

Closed A Fandango NYC: Brooklyn
- 0 reviews

Acclaimed band Jarana Beat plays their signature music followed by A Fandango.

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Closed Red Hills NYC: Financial
70 19 reviews

Inside 20,000 square feet of vacant downtown office space, the pioneering site-specific company En Garde Arts presents a transportive new work asking: who has the right to tell a story and why?

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