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Everyday Inferno creates adventurous theatrical productions of new or rarely produced texts that tell women's stories in a unique, entertaining, and accessible manner. We exceed the limitations of low-budget theatre by exploring nontraditional spaces, stagecraft, and storytelling. We are committed to developing a diverse audience by producing work that is large in scope while keeping our production costs (and ticket prices) at a minimum. Through our work, we prove that stories focused on women can be universally enjoyable and relatable.

Productions (5)

Already closed A Short Life of Trouble NYC: Upper W Side
89 2 reviews

In their seventh annual free show in Central Park, Everyday Inferno presents this new work, infused with traditional folk music and set in the isolated hills of 1890s Appalachia. Suggested Donation: $10.

Already closed Bethel Park Falls NYC: Upper W Side
70 2 reviews

Presented free in Central Park, Everyday Inferno's new drama centers around the residents of the small town of Bethel who facing a crisis: their beloved park has been sold out from under them.

Already closed The Melting Pot NYC: Soho/Tribeca
77 8 reviews

The blossoming relationship between two recent immigrants stalls at the crossroads between promises of the future and horrors of the past in this world premiere drama.

Already closed Glassheart NYC: Soho/Tribeca
79 30 reviews

Everyday Inferno presents the NYC premiere of this decidedly adult take on 'Beauty and the Beast,' full of humor, magic, and belief in the life-altering power of love.

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