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Girl Be Heard is a nonprofit theatre company that brings global issues affecting girls center stage by empowering young women to tell their stories. Girl Be Heard was founded in 2008. The movement started with twelve young women from diverse racial and socioeconomic backgrounds. Director Ashley Marinaccio was asked to write a play for the Estrogenius Theatre Festival. Ashley gave birth to the first Girl Be Heard workshop by teaching the cast to write their own show and tell their own stories.

The result was transformative. Since its inception, the theatre company has grown from twelve to 100 members who tour the country and raise the visibility of issues affecting girls. The collective is based in New York City and serves thousands of youth via school performances, workshops and nonprofit partnerships in the five boroughs and Tri-State area.

Girl Be Heard is inspired by Gloria Steinem, one of our founding members, and countless activists, educators and experts in human and civil rights.

Productions (2)

Closed Blurred Lines NYC: Soho/Tribeca
72 4 reviews

Girl Be Heard presents the world premiere of this devised theater piece about the powerful and insidious role rape culture plays in our society. 

Closed Embodi(ED) NYC: Soho/Tribeca
90 6 reviews

Girl Be Heard presents a documentary theater and dance piece addressing the issue of eating disorders and the 55 billion-dollar-a-year diet industry.

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