Hedgepig Ensemble Theatre


Hedgepig is an award-winning ensemble-based company in Brooklyn working at the intersection of sweat, scholarship, and soul. We value a uniquely rigorous, physical, and collaborative approach to classically inspired texts. Through management and artistic opportunities, Hedgepig nurtures and amplifies the voices of women in theatre. We bring audience and artists together in a communal experience, we inspire individual journeys toward empathy, equality and a holistic human experience.

Since our founding in 2014 by Mary Candler and Gwendolyn Kelso, our thirteen-member ensemble has brought imaginative works to life, such as Tennessee Williams's INTERIOR: PANIC at FringeNYC (award: best actress in festival), William Shakespeare's THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR the NYC premiere of THE WOMEN OF WILLIAMS COUNTY at Midtown International Theatre Festival (award: Outstanding Ensemble), Tom Stoppard's WORLD'S FASTEST HAMLET on Govenors Island, and a variety of one-night-only theatrical events (ABSURD!, DREAMS, FICTIONS, FANCIES, AN EVENING WITH TENNESSEE WILLIAMS)

Hedgepig also regularly produces ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A DRUNKEN KNAVE: SHAKESPEARE TRIVIA NIGHT at various bars. Check out our website for an upcoming trivia nights!

Productions (3)
Mary Stuart (Hedgepig Ensemble)
Apr 2019 — Apr 2019
All's Well That Ends Well (Hedgepig Ensemble)
Dec 2018 — Dec 2018
A Taste of Shakespeare
Aug 2017 — Aug 2017