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New York Classical Theatre is the only all-FREE Off-Broadway theatre company in New York City. Our mission is to reinvigorate and create audiences for the theater by presenting accessible productions of popular classics and forgotten masterpieces in non-traditional public spaces.

Over the past 16 seasons, New York Classical brought 35 all-FREE productions to over 165,000 New Yorkers both outdoors in Central Park, Prospect Park, The Battery (formerly Battery Park), Teardrop Park, Governors Island and Brooklyn Bridge Park and indoors in Brookfield Place and One Liberty Plaza.

New York Classical’s hallmark is our innovative staging style, Panoramic Theatre. Audience members physically enter the world of the play, becoming active participants in the story unfolding around them. This level of engagement between the actor, audience and venue fosters a strong emotional and physical investment in the play, providing audiences of all ages and backgrounds with an unforgettable immersive theatrical experience.

Our productions transform public venues into magical stage settings. In Chekhov’s "The Seagull,” Trigorin fished in a real 3-acre lake in Central Park; Polonius was murdered “down the stairs into the lobby” within the grand marble interiors of Brookfield Place in "Hamlet, Prince of Denmark"; and in our production of "Henry V", we transported 500 people each night by ferry boat from England (Battery Park) across the English Channel (New York Harbor) to France (Governors Island), where, on the grounds of historic Fort Jay, they joined the epic battles of Harfleur and Agincourt.

Productions (7)

Closed King Lear NYC: Midtown W
87 4 reviews

"King Lear" but with Nahum Tate’s 1681 happy ending, which was popular in England for over 150 years until Shakespeare’s original tragic text was restored in 1838.

Closed The Importance of Being Earnes... NYC: Midtown W
88 21 reviews

New York Classical Theatre revisits its gender-flipping production of Oscar Wilde's comic masterpiece, where the entire cast swaps roles at every other performance, this summer in an outdoor staging in 3 NYC parks.

Closed Romeo and Juliet (New York Cla... NYC: Midtown W
82 10 reviews

New York Classical Theater presents this free, outdoor staging of Shakespeare's classic tragic romance, performed at parks throughout New York City.

90 7 reviews

New York Classical Theatre presents a free outdoor production of Shakespeare's dark tragedy about a Scottish lord's lust for power.

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