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Ophelia Theatre Group's motto is "Character above concept, story above all else.” Ophelia Theatre Group was founded in 2003 by playwright/producer, Sarah Bennett, in her hometown of Lake Elsinore, California. Over the years the company became a staple of the community working with the local Woman’s Club, Elks Lodge, and the public school system by providing entertainment for fundraisers, benefits, and educational programs. By 2010 the Ophelia Theatre Group had produced dozens of full-length productions and was looking to expand. Over the years, company members moved from California to New York and now continue to produce both published and original works in Manhattan and Queens.

Productions (4)

Already closed Lysistrata Jones NYC: Queens
84 61 reviews

Ophelia Theatre Group presents an immersive take on this fun, feminist musical about a determined cheerleader who leads the students around her in a battle of the sexes.

Already closed Your Alice NYC: Queens
86 36 reviews

Ophelia Theatre Group's new drama explores the complex and dynamic friendship between Lewis Carroll and his muse Alice Liddell, the inspiration for 'Alice in Wonderland.'

Already closed Some Night NYC: Queens
78 21 reviews

Ophelia Theatre Group presents this new comedy, a tribute to the happenings of a famous midsummer night that brings the magic to today’s baffling yet still enchanting world.

Already closed Hedda Gabler (Ophelia Theatre ... NYC: Queens
82 15 reviews

Ophelia Theatre Group presents a streamlined and stripped-down version of Henrik Ibsen's 1890 drawing-room classic about a woman trapped by society.

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