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What happens when we strip the stage of concept and design and tell a story in a direct, yet visceral manner? The Rogue and Peasant Slave Theatre Company aims to provide a theatrical experience that stems directly from the playwright’s intent. Using the plays of William Shakespeare as the heart of our work we aim to stimulate our audiences through the power of language, allowing our auditory senses to fuel our imaginations.

Based on how Shakespeare’s plays would have been staged at the Globe, our productions will use only the necessary props and set pieces needed to help tell the story and create the world of the play. We believe that all you need is an empty space, an ensemble of actors, and text to create beautiful theatre. And, of course, an audience.

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Closed Henry V NYC: Soho/Tribeca
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The Rogue and Peasant Players presents William Shakespeare's Henry V, the historical English drama of its title character.

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New York City, New York, United States
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