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The Bushwick Starr is an Obie Award-winning not-for-profit theater that presents an annual season of new performance works. It is an organization defined by both its artists and its community, and, since 2007, it has grown into a thriving theatrical venue, a vital neighborhood arts center, and a destination for exciting and engaging performance. The Bushwick Starr provides a springboard for emerging professional artists to make career-defining leaps, and is a sanctuary where established artists come to experiment and innovate.

Productions (17)

Already closed SKiNFoLK: An American Show NYC: Brooklyn
88 4 reviews

The Bushwick Starr and National Black Theatre present this world premiere, a wide-sweeping concert/play that explores the questions and limits (?) of blackness, performance, and country.

Already closed Suicide Forest NYC: Midtown W
72 29 reviews

Ma-Yi presents an encore staging of "Suicide Forest," a bilingual nightmare play excavating the Japanese-American consciousness and its looming relationship with sex, suicide, and identity.

Already closed The Conversationalists NYC: Brooklyn
84 7 reviews

In their most recent experiment with live storytelling and music, downtown musician-storyteller duo James & Jerome create an original movie that plays only inside the audience's minds. 

Already closed Black Exhibition NYC: Brooklyn
78 15 reviews

The Bushwick Starr presents this new piece from Jeremy O. Harris, which, through a mining of transgressive texts both found and written, hopes to awaken his audience to the true price of exposing oneself. 

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