Untitled Theatre Collective


Untitled Theatre Collective is a community of multidisciplinary artists who investigate new ways of creating live performance for adventurous audiences. Through an ensemble-driven rehearsal process that aims to challenge the conventions of live performance, UTC's formalist approach aims to instill a sense of collaboration, boundless creativity, and a strong sense of community for our artists and audiences, with the common goal of constantly challenging our sense of creativity and expectations towards live performance. UTC Members: Lucca Damilano (Artistic Director), Lauren Fischetti (Executive Director) Allyson Steele (Literary Manager), Alexa Welch (Mareting Director) & Carly J. Bauer (Line Prodcer). Productions: Fire On Flaming Roads, written and directed by Daniel Hainsworth(December 2014), Bachelorette, written by Leslye Headland and directed by Hannah T. Wolff (September 2015) & An Evening Conference on Feminism and Equality at Large at the Fantabulosa Esoteric Cabaret Dada, written and directed by Lucca Damilano (February & March 2016) Website: www.untitledtheatrecollective.org facebook: www.facebook.com/untitledtheatreny Instagram: @UntitledTheatreNY

Productions (2)
Sep 2016 — Sep 2016
Fire on Flaming Roads
Dec 2015 — Dec 2015