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Members say: Absorbing, Relevant, Great acting, Thought-provoking, Great writing

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Manhattan Theatre Club presents Anna Ziegler's deeply felt, comic, and thought-provoking play about two students who meet at a raucous party during their freshman year at Princeton. More…

Tom and Amber connect in ways that seem innocent enough at first. But as things progress, they find themselves in murky territory, with ramifications that could affect the rest of their lives. What actually happened between them? And when it comes to relationships, how often is the truth completely objective? Can we ever shed our pre-conceived notions?

Member Reviews (68)


Absorbing, Relevant, Great acting, Thought-provoking, Great writing

Slow, Relevant, Disappointing

See it if you’re interested in on-campus sexual assault allegations. This piece looks at an event from the point of view of accuser and accused.

Don't see it if You’re looking to see a PLAY. This is a short story - all narration and little dialogue / action.

During previews

See it if You like talky plays with lots of monologues and he said/she said.

Don't see it if You want a play that has a clear resolution or a fast-paced play that keeps your attention.

November 14th, 2017
"Blain-Cruz’s high-gloss minimalist production makes a great deal of sense moment by moment but cannot seem to accrete meaning and value as the story keeps lurching around...And the actors, called upon to switch gears constantly, have a similar problem maintaining credible characters. Boone keeps...
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November 15th, 2017
"Director Blain-Cruz and her two sharp actors infuse this talky piece with energy and urgency, and Ziegler’s meticulously detailed script is more than occasionally funny, despite its serious themes. As Amber and Tom unravel the knotty threads of their fateful interaction on an unadorned stage, ou...
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November 15th, 2017
“Ziegler’s taut, devastating new play, directed with a deft, unsparing sense of forward motion...A smart, profoundly painful exploration of the murky, treacherous sexual culture this country is mired in...‘Actually’s’ wit and its intelligence are part of what makes the complex darkness at its cen...
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November 14th, 2017
"It's a compelling and provocative subject whose dramatic potential is only fitfully realized in this talky effort, consisting largely of monologues...It's a technique often used by the playwright...But here it feels lazy...It's in the infrequent instances when the characters do interact that ‘Ac...
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