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The Storm Theatre Company presents a surreal journey into the imagination of the writer as mentally wrestles with the omnipotent subject of his drama; winner of the Olivier award for Best Play. More…

Moscow, 1938. A dangerous place to have a sense of humour; even more so a sense of freedom. Mikhail Bulgakov, living among dissidents, stalked by secret police, has both. And then he’s offered a poisoned chalice: a commission to write a play about Stalin to celebrate his sixtieth birthday.

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"Unfortunately, the production makes it difficult to understand why 'Collaborators' went over so big in the U.K. The humor, while evident in theory, is often nearly snuffed out by the sluggish pace and the uneven acting. The play is also awkwardly staged...Director Peter Dobbins doesn’t seem able to navigate the sharp turns in tone, from tickling to terrifying, that the playwright clearly intends." Full Review

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