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About the show

The Cherry Lane Theatre presents Celeste Makoff's new musical set in a dystopian future where tens of millions of people get only three minutes of sunlight a day. More…

This small amount of light is controlled by a fascist dictator, Marcus Pressi; a master of propaganda and control by censorship. After discovering that 'someone in the sky hides the light away,' Rian, an illegal violin maker, leaves her home and family to try to set things right. With courage, she disguises herself as the enemy in an attempt to reveal freedom to those who don't even know it exists. Her violin playing expresses our capacity as humans to desire truth and the divine power of communication through music.


"So inept that the recurring age-old mental question while watching it is, 'What were they thinking?'...Ms. Makoff has concocted a generally incoherent scenario with characters and situations out of 'The Hunger Games' and the works of Ray Bradbury. Makoff’s direction is stolidly presentational...Makoff’s undistinguished score aspires to the rousing bombast of 'Les Misérables' and the steely wit of 'Evita'...The cast's uniformly limited vocal abilities are problematic as this is a musical." Full Review

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