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All for One presents a solo show based on the true story of comedian Mark Thomas' discovery that a good friend and fellow activist was actually a mole sent by Britain's biggest arms manufacturer to spy on Mark. More…

'Cuckooed' is a tale of hubris, planes, demos and undercover deceit told by an award-winning performer. To tell this comedy of betrayal, award-winning UK comedian Mark Thomas uses interviews from friends, colleagues, activists and journalists. 'Cuckooed' is a personal and timely tale on the impact of betrayal, unearthing what it means to be spied upon by a corporation under the sanction of the state.

November 4th, 2015
"Thankfully, Thomas is neither a pedagogue nor a preacher, but an amiable comedian asking some important questions...This synthesis of performance art and investigative journalism will appeal to many theatergoers...Martin never agreed to speak with Thomas for this show, so his motivations remain ...
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November 9th, 2015
"With superb direction by Emma Callandar, this fast moving show will keep you on the edge of your seat... 'Cuckooed' has a remarkably original premise. The show mirrors real life events with humor, passion and veracity. Thomas is a true talent whose performance is exciting, energetic and complete...
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November 5th, 2015
"'Cuckooed' shines a fascinating light on the world of British political activism...Thomas' hurt and confusion are made vividly real...Still, it's hard not to feel that we're getting only a small portion of the story, and the more we hear about Martin, the more fascinating he becomes, at the expe...
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November 10th, 2015
"Written by Thomas and skillfully directed by Emma Callander, 'Cuckooed,' with its breakneck pace and devastating subject matter, shows Thomas’ skill as a deeply personal storyteller with the ability to stir righteous indignation in his audience."
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