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Don't You F**king Say a Word

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About the show

59E59 presents the world premiere of Andy Bragen's dark comedy about love and hate, and friendly and not-so-friendly competition. Tennis is just tennis...until it isn't. More…

Kate and Leslie explore the complexities of their boyfriends' competitive spirits in this explosive comedy. Russ has a temper. Brian has been known to cheat. As their weekly tennis sets play out aggressively onstage, Kate and Leslie dissect their friendship and rivalry in a volley of sharp observations and wry wit.

Time Out New York

"One of the consolations of a national tragedy, we’re also told, is that great art will come out of it. Perhaps it will. But while we wait, we needn’t settle for wearyingly so-so art like Andy Bragen’s 'Don’t You F**king Say a Word'...Full of such pop-psych noodling, but barely sketches the characters’ actual relationships. In the end, it’s so generic and familiar that the warning of its truculent title seems descriptive. The play has nothing to say." Full Review

Manhattan Digest

"‘Don’t You F**king Say a Word’ is meant to be a high-octane comedy about an ongoing, competitive tennis match between two testosterone-fueled men and the women who love them. Unfortunately, the title is the most provocative aspect you’ll find in this otherwise dull play…It does have a few major laughs, but not enough to sustain 90 minutes (which feels endless). What it does have in its favor is a nimble, talented, and ethnically diverse cast." Full Review

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