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Friendly’s Fire

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About the show

"Friendly's Fire" shows us to what lengths one man will go to preserve the sanity of his friend - a veteran who lost his brother in service to our country. More…

In a cabin in Alaska, Guy Friendly, a Gulf War veteran and bee-herder, has just had a tooth stolen during casual sex. His best friend Todd, a pawn-shop owner dressed as an astronaut, finds Friendly in a fevered state. Trapped by the snow, Todd has little choice but enter Friendly’s fevered dream, to unravel the events of the night before – and the events of the Gulf War that led Friendly to becoming a shut-in.

May 8th, 2019
“Bray’s writing is intense, often striving for absurdist comedy...It’s all rather baffling, somewhat interesting and mildly entertaining...The rambunctious stewpot of a plot is a mélange of early Shepard and Vonnegut...With tremendous flair, director Anna Hogan manages to harness enough stage wiz...
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May 10th, 2019
"Many soldiers who come home must deal with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Bray's 'Friendly’s Fire’ is the fantastic story of one such soldier...'Friendly's Fire’ includes bright colors, honeycomb shapes, and allusions to duty, heroism, and conformity, as well as music...and feedback that is all...
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May 14th, 2019
“A play incredibly moving in story and almost psychedelic in atmosphere...This play is rich in metaphor and the excitement builds as each connection is made. The metaphorical portions of the play were so rich that they partially overshadowed the more realistic scenes that bookended the play. Thes...
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