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Friends! The Musical Parody

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From the creators of '90210! The Musical!,' 'Katdashian: The Musical!,' and 'Full House! The Musical!,' comes this new unauthorized musical parody of the beloved sitcom about the antics of six young New Yorkers. More…

See Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe like you've never seen them before-- bursting into song, as they navigate the pitfalls of work, life, and love in 1990s Manhattan. Original songs include 'The Only Coffee Shop in New York City,' 'We were on a Break!,' and 'The One Where We Make a Million Dollars An Episode.'

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Funny, Entertaining, Clever, Hilarious, Quirky

Funny, Fun, Entertaining, Surprising

See it if you're a fan of the series or even have only a passing knowledge of it. Great script/songs and most performances.

Don't see it if It's a small, unpolished production done for laughs.

Also It's funny and clever and completely based on stories from the series.... Read more Read less

Hilarious, Clever, Nostalgic, Refreshing, Entertaining

See it if Perfect sendup to series- Clever songs, Costumes on point, Great impersonations(Esp Rachel). Impressive how they fit so much story in 2hrs.

Don't see it if If you didn't like the series, you probably won't care for this. However even those w/ a general knowledge of the sitcom should find it fun!

Ambitious, Entertaining, Funny, Delightful, Clever

See it if really liked this play, a hidden gem! Good acting, many actors imitated the friends characters exactly. God songs, staging and lighting.

Don't see it if If you don't like spoof parodies or musicals.

Funny, Silly, Clever

See it if They certainly captured all the show references. It’s stupid, silly fun. Good if you want a night of 90’s nostalgia.

Don't see it if You are not familiar with the TV show.

Funny, Clever, Nostalgic, Entertaining

See it if you're nostalgic for & seek an amusing homage to the TV show; you can laugh at the absurdity of Friends' characters & situations.

Don't see it if you aren't well acquainted with the TV show [It's assumed that the audience is very familiar]; you seek challenging or provocative theater.

Also I was only a casual viewer of the sitcom, and I was never much of a fa... Read more Read less

Entertaining, Great singing, Great acting

See it if You love fun parody musicals that fly by. Cast looks like they're really having fun!

Don't see it if You prefer a more serious drama

Funny, Fun, Nostalgic, Entertaining, Fluffy

See it if For Friends fans only. If you can recite the lines of the show, this show’s for you. A lot of fun, engaging cast. Good memories.

Don't see it if If you aren’t familiar with or fond of “Friends,” this show isn’t for you. For true fans only.

Funny, Delightful, Entertaining

See it if You are or were a fan of the show, or if you like silly musical comedy. Nicely done!

Don't see it if You are not a fan of Friends, the tv conedy show. I am not sure how much I would have enjoyed it if I wasn’t a big fan of the show.

Clever, Funny, Fast paced, Nostalgic, Entertaining

See it if you are a fan of the TV show. This musical is part satire and part homage to Friends. Totally fun from beginning to end.

Don't see it if you didn't like Friends, If you didn't see the show, you won't get the jokes. Or if you prefer serious dramas or epic musicals.

Cliched, Entertaining

See it if you are a Friends groupie. The actress playing Rachel nailed her vocally & mannerisms. The cast had good voices. More homage than sendup.

Don't see it if you don't know the TV show Friends. The second act, they try to cover the many years of the show in overview. It gets a bit slow. Fluffy!

Also It was a mostly young and all non-equity cast, but accept for one of t... Read more Read less

Clever, Funny, Raunchy, Entertaining, Good comedic acting

See it if you're a Friends fan & enjoy a good laugh.(I watched but wasn't a regular viewer & missed some jokes.) It's fun froth, nothing more,but fun.

Don't see it if You don't like Friends and/or slapstick. You don't like actors playing multiple roles.

Clever, Entertaining, Funny

See it if You are a fan of the show! There are so many jokes crammed in to this show, you may miss a few! Well done, very funny!

Don't see it if You never saw the tv show or didn’t like the tv show.

Clever, Entertaining, Funny, Hilarious

See it if You are a fan of the sitcom, are a fan of the writers, to lol, and to support smaller theatres. Hilarious moments true to the sitcom.

Don't see it if Are not familiar with the sitcom, expect elaborate sets, don't like parodies, or if you didn't like the sitcom.

Also I've been a fan of the writers and the cast members from other parodie... Read more Read less

Funny, Great acting, Fluffy, Quirky

See it if You're a fan of "Friends", duh. The actors portraying "Rachel" and "Ross" are on point! "Joey" feels authentic. Iffy on "Phoebe". No comment

Don't see it if on "Chandler" & others, since he's in every show parody this company offers. "Monica" was ok. Overall, decent signing. Funny moments. There

Also Are references to some of the most iconic moments. Saw a 10pm Friday s... Read more Read less

Fluffy, Hilarious, Raunchy, Camp, Audience pleaser

See it if The show was hysterical. All the actors were dead on. The songs went down easy. See it if you watched the show and remember it fondly.

Don't see it if Don't see it if you did not watch the show. It was basically an "in joke". I did feel the parody of Tom Seleck was a bit off. But the

Also portrayal of Janice was spot on. I do wonder why the actor that played... Read more Read less

Entertaining, Funny, Nostalgic

See it if you love parodies and/or the TV show Friends.

Don't see it if you don't like parodies or the TV show Friends.

Entertaining, Banal, Ambitious, Funny, Indulgent

See it if you're a diehard Friends fan. You'll laugh a lot and have a great time.

Don't see it if you are only kind of familiar with the show or don't remember much about it. Really a show made for fans.

Delightful, Entertaining, Funny, Fluffy, Hilarious

See it if a fun night for any friends fanatic

Don't see it if uncomfortable seats and no floor incline, so hard to get a perfect view. lobby was very crowded b/c doors opened late.

Funny, Great singing, Fluffy

See it if If you are a fan of the show friends and want to laugh

Don't see it if If you have never seen friends

Also If you loved watching friends you will laugh and enjoy the show. They ... Read more Read less

Clever, Entertaining, Funny

See it if You miss the ‘90s and the heyday of three-camera must-see tv. Totally unnecessary, yet a fun, clever, and well-executed parody/tribute.

Don't see it if First act needs tightening but second act compensates. Mic-ed performers annoying and a waste in such a small venue.

Raunchy, Funny, Entertaining

See it if You are a fan of the TV series. Like musicals and can understand the references of the show.

Don't see it if you want a serious musical.

Hilarious, Raunchy, Quirky, Entertaining, Clever

See it if You’re a fan of the TV show Friends. Clever songs about the show performed by a talented cast. Rachel was my favorite!

Don't see it if You’ve not a fan of the show

Entertaining, Great acting, Clever, Must see, Hilarious

See it if you love the television series. It's hilarious and fun. Even Janice makes an appearance. Two hours of fun.

Don't see it if you didn't like the TV series.

Cliched, Entertaining, Niche, Fluffy, Hilarious

See it if you love the OG TV show, you enjoy satirical writing, you hate Ross (who doesn't)

Don't see it if you have no clue what 'Friends' is about, you want something serious, you hate campy musicals, you love Ross

Funny, Quirky

See it if True to its source with clever and flavorful songs from a talented cast. As many already noted, Rachel (Patricia) is spot-on and impressive.

Don't see it if Awkward seating with subpar theater conditions. Will be utterly confused if you are new to FRIENDS. Feels more like a recap of 10 seasons.

Also References to the TV series is light enough for a casual viewer to und... Read more Read less

November 2nd, 2017
"It's nothing the sitcom didn't send up itself. The biggest laughs are often for the lines cribbed directly from the show. A roast loses its teeth when the subject beats you to the punch line. None of this is the fault of the performers, who are giving their all to have fun with the material and ...
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November 4th, 2017
“The well-written book hits the series' main plot points...The singing is uneven, but the uniformly strong acting makes up for these vocal deficiencies. And while the show occasionally veers into slapstick, the parody remains at a mostly even pitch...The final number gets at the rare and magical ...
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November 2nd, 2017
"Absolutely delivers on the promise of sending up the show...The musical happily and hysterically depicts moments from the friends’ adventures...They find the underside and ridiculousness of the sitcom plots and the cast gleefully captures the spirit, vocal and physical tics...They fare best with...
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November 2nd, 2017
"Quick witted, good hearted, a tiny bit raunchy, and filled with laughs...The art of this piece is that it’s fun loving, not mean spirited, with well-crafted harmonies and surprisingly satisfying performances all around...Trust me, folks, it’s a really fun night. The writers managed to get the en...
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