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In this solo piece, Barry Levey takes you on an around-the-world adventure as he tracks down Holocaust deniers from Illinois to Iran, on a journey to discover the shocking truth. More…

What role should past horrors play in defining our religious views, our self-perception, even our politics? Is there such a thing as a contemporary Jewish identity independent of the Holocaust? Should there be? What if the Holocaust had never happened? 

September 12th, 2018
“A passionate, provocative, and timely look at the Nazi Holocaust and its implications for contemporary Jews, anti-racist activists, and the state of Israel...Standing on a bare stage...Levey paces...His tone is intimate, evocative, and often personal. He’s thoughtful, and despite many humorous a...
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August 20th, 2014
for a previous production “A challenging and intelligent solo show...’Hoaxocaust!’ has appeared in NY before, but with the latest war in Gaza and rising anti-Semitism in Europe, the themes are more relevant than ever. Levey has updated the text...making the show feel ripped from the headlines...People of all political and...
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August 18th, 2014
for a previous production “A thought-provoking, very topical satire on Judaism, identity, and current events in Israel...Levey’s show will no doubt strike a nerve with Fringe attendees but he skillfully raises questions about religion and politics with humor, earning laughs from a subject that many might think is too sacr...
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September 15th, 2014
for a previous production "Levey is funny and engaging...His story feels so genuine, his presence so intimate that you can't help but give your mind and heart over to him as he plays with the relativity of truth...’Hoaxocaust!’ will surprise you, amuse you, and might even anger you a bit. But it will make you think and re...
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