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Minor Character (Under the Radar)

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About the show

New Saloon’s irreverent mashup of English-language translations of "Uncle Vanya" – from the dusty 1916 edition to Google Translate’s whack results – is a kaleidoscopic amplification of Chekhov's depressing comedy. More…

Each character is interpreted by multiple actors and through multiple translations, in an athletic attempt to say one true thing. “I’ve been made a complete fool,” Vanya says, “foolishly betrayed,” Vanya agrees, “stupidly cheated,” Vanya clarifies. Part of the 2019 Under the Radar Festival.

January 8th, 2019
“It’s incredibly interesting. But also...aggravating...Main characters are played by several actors...With only a stole or a pair of gloves to hint at whom they’re playing, you can easily lose track. You don’t lose track of Greenspan though. Greenspan unearths laughs I’ve never heard Serebryakov ...
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January 8th, 2019
“New Saloon uses not one English translation but six, creating a mash-up effect that results in characters frequently repeating a line in various renderings...On top of the textual layers is a cast whose parts are continually changing...For those who go into this show knowing ‘Uncle Vanya’, keepi...
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January 6th, 2019
"The script jumps from translation to translation...There are also a few musical moments, including a fine ensemble chorale...Aside from the occasional starkly contemporary phrasing, there's no clear difference between the translations made apparent...The concept may wear thin after a while, but,...
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January 7th, 2019
"'Minor Character' is a state-of-the-art collection of avant-garde theatrical tropes, if not innovations...After a promising beginning, featuring a chorus line of Chekovian kvetchers, this approach yields a remarkably repetitive series of effects that neither honor the original nor do they yield ...
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