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Pip's Island

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Members say: Entertaining, Delightful, Clever, Enchanting, Immersive

About the show

In this animated adventure come to life, family audiences journey to a fantastical island where they must use their creativity to help save the magical inhabitants from extinction. Best for kids ages 4 to 10. More…

On this spectacular journey, audiences are accompanied by Pip, Finn, and Pebble, three young explorers with their own surprising connections to the isle. Together, they meet the Island’s Guardian, Amperes Wattson, and learn about his epic struggle against the dark and powerful forces of Joules Volter, his villainous twin brother. 'Pip’s Island' is an immersive experience combining exploration, empowerment, and education. Its interactive narrative includes a dozen unique, handcrafted environments where children can earn Spark badges by completing activities and puzzles devised by the show’s creators and childhood development experts. Incorporating the latest curriculum guidelines and play trends, 'Pip’s Island' seeks to empower its audience through sheer wonder.

1h 0m | Already closed | Skylight Modern (Chelsea)

New York Theatre Wire

"At a time when there is such an interest in immersive, interactive and mixed-media theater, it’s a bit ironic that the production which takes all this to the highest level of innovation is, in fact, a children’s show. 'Pip’s Island’ is a delightful adventure filled with music, dance and puppetry…All the environments are intriguing and unique...The actors take special care to make sure no child is left out of the fun. But most kids will be more than willing to join in the adventure." Full Review

Mommy Poppins

"Kids fully participate in the quest, helping to find, make, build, and carry items in order to move to the next scene...Each room is completely unique, combining props, lighting, sound, live action, puppets, and animation to create the scene...The actors ad lib humorous commentary throughout, tailoring comments to kids' reactions while evoking giggles from parents with witty sidebars...Well done! My daughters and I agree: it was a fantastic adventure that fully engaged kids' imaginations." Full Review

Red Tricycle

"A very fun, fantastical multimedia production…A musical, magical adventure that also happens to encourage creativity, problem-solving and teamwork…In addition to stellar sets and fun characters, the show also includes inventive and charming puppetry, as well as musical numbers, and even a dance party." Full Review

Pop Dose

"Kids love to be given a purpose and swept up in an adventure, and this one has an engaging narrative that explores several facets of learning, like imagination and building…This is a lively slice of edutainment, and we were happy to tag along with our explorers...They’ve rallied a first-class design team to conjure a variety of colorful spaces…An hour spent on 'Pip’s Island' with your family is one well spent, and my son gave it a five-star five-year-old review." Full Review

The New York Times

"As much a technological extravaganza as it is a theatrical experience — sometimes more so...What they offer is a fantasy adventure for theatergoers ages 4 through 10, who probably won’t care that you can learn more about the characters from the show’s website than from its script. The point is to play roles themselves — thrilling at any age — and to be dazzled along the way. And 'Pip’s Island' definitely dazzles." Full Review

Absorbing, Clever, Delightful, Enchanting, Entertaining

See it if your child likes action adventure, very creative fun locations

Don't see it if your child is overwhelmed easily by noise and excitement

Clever, Enchanting, Great acting, Entertaining, Great singing

See it if You have kids from 3-8 years old

Don't see it if Your child is over 9, will seem to juvenile to them

Clever, Delightful, Quirky, Entertaining, Great staging

See it if For and with your 4-10 year old! Imaginative interactive "experience". Fun songs, sets, plots and performances.

Don't see it if If you don't have a child. Like to use your imagination. You don't like interactive theater. You want to sit in the same place for an hour.

Also Really great interactive show for kids. Each kid gets involved. Really... Read more Read less

Absorbing, Clever, Delightful, Enchanting, Entertaining

See it if your child likes a fun social quest

Don't see it if your child is very shy.

Clever, Delightful, Enchanting, Entertaining

See it if You have kids between 4 and 9.

Don't see it if you don't have kids between 4 and 9.

Absorbing, Clever, Delightful, Enchanting, Entertaining

See it if U have a child or there is still a child in you.

Don't see it if U are stiff and have forgotten imagination.

Clever, Delightful, Fun

See it if you have kids between 6-8

Don't see it if you don't have kids between 6 -8

Clever, Delightful, Entertaining, Fluffy

See it if You are looking for something to do with your child ages 4-10. The children at this show seemed to love it.

Don't see it if If you are not going with children. If the child you bring scares easy. There are a couple of scarier moments that had one child scared.

Funny, Delightful, Family-friendly, Entertaining, Immersive

See it if you are looking to see show with small children. all the rooms have great lighting and set design that's sure to entice kids

Don't see it if you don't like-walking around for much of the show-immersive theater. you want to see a show longer than an hour.

Ambitious, Delightful, Immersive, Great for kids!, You are part of the show

See it if You have a 4-8 year old who would love to be part of an immersive, adorable show with great sets, costumes & production quality. Family fun!

Don't see it if Your child is older than 8, scared of "bad guys," or doesn't like to be over-stimulated. Or if you want an actual plot :)

Ambitious, Clever, Delightful, Entertaining

See it if you have young children who want to be involved in an interactive theatre experience with talented actors.

Don't see it if your young child is jaded after seeing several interactive shows.

Interactive, Unique, Family friendly

See it if you have a little kid especially one who would rather be a part of the show than sit and watch it

Don't see it if you don't have a little kid or you have a kid who would not want to participate in an show or scares easily.

Funny, Entertaining, Immersive

See it if you want a-family friendly show for small children. all the rooms are colorful, imaginatively designed perfect for kids. it's a fun story.

Don't see it if are not attending with small children. you want a traditional musical/play for families. you don't like being on your feet throughout show

Delightful, Enchanting, Epic, Exquisite, Entertaining

See it if I loved it. Great for kids!!!

Don't see it if I can't think of a reason not to see it.

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