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Rothschild & Sons

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About the show

A one-act, intimate re-imagining of the musical 'The Rothschilds' that focuses on the relationships between the patriarch of the family, Mayer Rothschild, his wife Gutele, and their five sons. More…

A "musical love story between a father and his sons," 'Rothschild & Sons' is based on the Tony-nominated 'The Rothschilds,' which opened on Broadway in 1970, inspired by the novel of the same name by Frederic Morton abut the foundation of the dynasty of German-Jewish financiers. A story of a family fighting for human rights and triumphing over extraordinary odds. The new work focuses on the Rothschilds' experiences living as Jews in a German ghetto.

Broadway Blog

"Even a smoothly professional production can’t hide the doldrums that eventually set in with a disappointingly bland score that reveals little of the emotional or humorous impact of 'Fiddler,' and whose sole familiar number, the power ballad 'In My Own Lifetime,' needs new batteries. With a script that eliminates romance and, except in bits and drabs, comedy, this is a show that even Mayer Rothschild might have considered flat, stale, and, worst of all, unprofitable." Full Review


"Once the complications of the plot take over there's little room left for family emotions. Crampton is an accomplished singer/actor whose role becomes regulated to reminding the men to appreciate modest achievements and while there is genuine excitement when Mayer and his boys roar with gusto as they sing of their ambition and confidence, 'Rothschild & Sons' is that rare Bock and Harnick musical that never seems to find its heart." Full Review

The Clyde Fitch Report

"There’s something extremely effective about its major thrust...'Rothschild & Sons' works best when Mayer’s boys fan out across the continent. The earlier scenes in which Mayer courts Gutele and waits and watches as his offspring grow, by contrast, are halting and clumsy. The first third of 'Rothschild & Sons' impresses as a prolonged wait for the substantial drama to come." Full Review

Edge New York

"This strong newly minted production directed lethargically by a misguided Jeffrey B. Moss, benefits mostly because spectators are treated with plentiful previously unreleased before-heard trunk songs and revised tunes from the Bock & Harnick catalogue, all of which hold up today...While the first twenty minutes drag on, when we finally settle in, gravitas and ethos hit hard." Full Review

Theater Pizzazz

"Jeffrey B. Moss guides the production trying to infuse as much life as he can....The production is filled with historical value, pathos, heart and some new musical numbers. However, it’s still an old tale that has lost its power and feels worn-out." Full Review

DC Metro Theater Arts

"It’s clear that the authors have always been attracted to this material, and one can understand their desire to return to something they love with a fresh view, but I regret that in my opinion, though it would seem to be more appealing to regional theatres because of its loss of weight, I can only wish them well in finding a new life for it with this version." Full Review

Dated, Great acting, Slow

See it if You want to visit this classic or you are particularly interested in how a family can impact a world.

Don't see it if You are easily bored.

Ambitious, Engaging, Disappointing, Awkward, Some good songs

See it if you love Harnick & Bock and never saw the original R&S (I did!) This re-imaging failed, but some songs are good, as was RC in the lead.

Don't see it if you want a satisfying theater outing. This felt off. Usually York does better. The stage was too small, the script's cuts too deep. Awkward.

Also I'm catching up on old reviews. I had been looking forward to seeing R... Read more Read less

Ambitious, Disappointing, Slow

See it if You always wanted to see this show. It's an abbreviated version of the original Broadway show, but it's not revived often.

Don't see it if you know how great the show was or could be. This was disappointing, confusing, and despite best efforts a real dud.

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